Mohali | Depression Claims Another Life as 33 Year Old Woman Commits Suicide

Mohali Woman left behind a suicide note apologizing to her parents

In a shocking incident for the residents of Chandigarh and surrounding areas like Mohali, a 33-year old woman committed suicide by hanging herself from the ceiling fan. The deceased was named Sharanjit Kaur and had been living under troubled circumstances for a while. According to sources, the woman had been staying in Phase 3, Mohali in a rented accommodation as a paying guest. She was working as a designer in a private firm in Phase 8B of Mohali. The suicide note found by the police claims as no particular reason for the suicide but reports suggest that she had been under depression for quite some time.

Mohali Girl’s Roommate Reported The Matter To Police

The incident was reported by the roommate of the deceased when she came home from work to see her body hung from the ceiling fan. She told that she had been depressed lately and a part of reason might have to do with her divorce proceedings that had been going on for as long as two years. Her family was immediately contacted but we have no other information of them apart from the fact that her father worked for the Government of India in the Public Works sector in the past.

The suicide note that was found in the Paying Guest House in Mohali mentioned no specifics at all and Sharanjit blamed no one for taking the extreme step. She admitted that she was depressed from the last few days but did not single out a particular reason for committing suicide. The 33-year old hailed from Amritsar and was staying in Mohali PG due to her work as a designer in a firm in Phase 8B.

Mohali Woman Apologises For Not Being The Perfect Daughter

Sharanjit Kaur in her suicide note seemed overly worried about not being able to make her parents proud. She wrote that she apologises for not being the perfect daughter and this is the last time they have to bear pain on her behalf. Her friends said that she wasn’t doing well since Saturday morning and since it was her day off from office, she was all by herself in her room in Phase 3, Mohali. Her landlord confirmed seeing her sitting in the sunlit area all by herself around noon on Saturday. She was the youngest of three siblings who hailed from Amritsar.

Source: AmarUjala


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