Singer and YouTuber Desi Gabru is Making His Fans Groove to His Sound Tracks

The whole world was undergoing digitalization when the pandemic struck globally. Although things were making their significance online before, this level of digitization was not expected for a few years, but COVID-19 changed it all. Desi Gabru, now a well-known name in the music and YouTube industry rose to fame with his hard work during those tough times.

The time wasn’t good. People lost everything, be it their jobs, home, or life. Needless to say, it wasn’t easy to just live at home without going out and being productive.

The financial and emotional strain that everyone was facing was huge. One thing which helped people go through times like this and kept them sane was social media. People were constantly using social media apps like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc. The content creators were at the time high at that point they were busy and also had a source of income.

Desi Gabru was facing the same issues as any of us: the constant over-thinking and anxiety regarding his career. He wanted a source to make some money and to keep himself busy and productive in the time of the pandemic when everything else was at pause. Going from one social media platform to another he thought of giving it a shot as that was the only thing working and helping many to cope.

Desi Gabru is also blessed with a soulful voice. After giving it a thought he decided to make his own YOUTUBE channel.  It was the perfect way to entertain others and also showcase his talents and give himself a chance as he didn’t have many resources to step into the real world and wait for too long to get recognition.

With his hard work and consistency on his channel, Desi Gabru has reached the mark of 29 thousand subscribers who appreciate his talents and like to connect with him. It’s not been so long and of course, it will take some time to become one of the well-known YouTubers but Desi Gabru is on the road to it and working daily towards it. He also streams live gaming sessions as he is also into gaming which gives him a chance to socialize. He has a good amount on fanbase on every social media platform supporting him constantly.


Ajay Deep

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