Despicable Me 3 | Movie Review & Overall Box Office Collection

Despicable Me 3 has been released and the Minion fever is soaring up all over the world once again. The ludicrously humorous animated movie full of small yellow spud like creatures along with a toucan nosed despicable lead played by Steve Carell has entered its third phase and is said to be doing great at the box office. Despicable Me 3 will offer you twice of everything be it laughter, characters, or adventure.

Starring Steve Carell, Kristen Wiig, Julie Andrews(cameo) and Trey Parker the Despicable Me 3 is fully entertaining and a treat for the eyes. Despicable Me 3 has performed pretty well on the Indian box office and has collected a good sum of amount.

Despicable Me 3 – Box Office Collection

The Despicable Me 3 has performed really well on the Indian box office right from its release in the country. The animated movie has already collected a total of Rs 6.5 crores in its opening weekend. The Despicable Me 3 was released along with another successful animated franchise movie Cars 3 and Bollywood movie Bank Chor.

Despicable Me 3 has beaten up the Bollywood movie Bank Chor at the box office collection front.

Though the animation movie has not been released in all the theatres worldwide, still it has managed to make a total of $10 million on its opening weekend in the Asian countries. The Despicable Me 3 movie’s estimated budget was $75-$100 million and the production house Illumination Entertainment is quite positive that the movie will very well once released in North America on June 30th.

Despicable Me 3 – Review

As per reviews,  Despicable Me 3 movie is full of entertaining laughter bouncing all over the movie in yellow and blue colors. The movie is 1 hr 36 minutes long (or short) and runs really fast without having any one single dull moment in it. It is full of many colorful and interesting things that will keep you occupied till the end. The makers of the Despicable Me 3 have given everything out in the third installment of the Despicable franchise and it looks like they are hardly left with anything for its another sequel.

According to Firstpost, Despicable Me 3 has beaten up the Bollywood movie Bank Chor at the box office collection front. has nothing much new to offer to its fans but still proves to be very energetic and absorbing. Once the lead character Gru finds his sibling Dru in the movie everything becomes much better. For kids, Despicable Me 3 is loaded with fast paced action that will make them giggle a lot. The film’s soundtrack comprises of 80’s nostalgic ballads that makes Despicable Me 3 joyride even more fun.

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