American Food at This Cafe in Chandigarh is a Must Try & You’ll Simply Love It!

International food flavors are loved by majority of us and when it comes to Chandigarh, we do not have many options. To serve the people of Chandigarh with awesome food, an American food joint by the name of Dev’s American Cafe has come to Chandigarh. Located inside The British School in Sector 44, Dev’s American Cafe is a cool place to enjoy some amazing food options ranging from burgers, sandwiches, garlic bread to Mexican Pizzas and a lot more.

Dev’s American Cafe, Chandigarh

Dev's American Cafe

Location: The British School, Sector 44, Chandigarh.

Cost for 2: Rs. 400.

Contact: 9813112995

Facebook Page:

Cafe Time: 3 PM to 9 PM.

Why You’ll Love Dev’s American Cafe in Sector 44

At this American Cafe, all the recipes are created by Dev himself. Be it the homemade ranch or the Mexican salsa, Dev makes these infamous sauces at home. Offering a great American experience, Dev grinds his own chicken and carefully selects his produce.

The burgers at Dev’s American Cafe in Chandigarh are not like the usual burgers which have huge buns and a little patty. Instead, the cafe’s speciality lies in serving a good size patty in a small bun. Dev’s twist on the samosa is something you should order for. If you are up for a new flavour, then apple pie filled in a samosa is what you will get only and only at Dev’s American Cafe inside The British School in Sector 44, Chandigarh.

This quaint and humble cafe is a delight with a beautiful open air seating. The amazing lighting and the greenery all around adds to a great ambiance. The warm & cozy atmosphere at Dev’s  American Cafe, Chandigarh is a perfect spot if you want to taste authentic American cuisine in Chandigarh. The Cafe welcomes you with a chocolate prasad, something that will tingle your taste buds.

img_20161105_155501__1482308980_111-93-50-108What all can you have?

Food Menu
Tortilla Burger
Mini Chicken Burger
Mutton Bacon Slider
Black Bean Quinoa Burger
TinTin Burger (Chicken, Bacon, Ham, Tomato Chutney and Egg)
Plain/Stuffed Garlic Bread (Paneer, Chicken and Bacon)
Mexican Pizza
Soya Chaap
Bacon Cheddar Ranch
img_20161214_174315_hdr__1482306886_111-93-50-108Original Fried Chicken
Fiery Fried Chicken
South Indian Filtered Coffee
Herbal Tea
Ice Tea
Fresh Lime
Spicy Mocha
Chilli Chocolate
Apple Pie Samosa

Empire State Burger Contest:

Dev knows how to keep his audience engaged. Dev has started Man Vs. Food Contest wherein the participants have to finish a 2 kg burger within limited time frame. Dev keeps coming up with quirky ideas only for his guests and ensures everyone leaves with a smile on their face.
The Current record time is 10 minutes 12 seconds by Devan Markanda!
If you have an appetite, come to Dev’s American Cafe and beat this record time. If you succeed, you will not be charged anything but will be rewarded with Rs. 500 cash as a token of appreciation for your tummy.

About Dev – The Man Behind Dev’s American Cafe

The man behind Dev’s American Cafe is Devinder S Mahal, a food connoisseur who has an experience of over 30 years in the food industry. Having worked abroad and in the best restaurants, Dev is a master in American cuisine. Dev loves feeding his innovative dishes to all of his guests, he enjoys making innovative new dishes for his guests.


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