Here’s How Chandigarh DGP Saved The City Beautiful from Dera Followers Violence

Chandigarh has been spared from the horror and violence spread by the Dera Followers in Panchkula, Haryana. As Panchkula was set ablaze and was burnt to ashes, looks like Dera followers had a similar plan for Chandigarh city too. If UT Police department did not have, Tajender Singh Luthra serving the society as UT DGP, Chandigarh, the city beautiful Chandigarh could have turned city ugly in no time by the miscreants that throbbed the tricity region on the Verdict Day of Baba Ram Rahim Rape Case.

Here’s the unspoken true story of a brave individual UT DGP, Tajender Singh Luthra whose one smart and clever move saved the Chandigarh city from horror and ashes that would have otherwise taken the entire Chandigarh city in its stride.

How Chandigarh City Was Under Threat ?

Haryana Police which was supposed to bring the Dera Chief out of his ambit from his Dera in Sirsa Village to the court in Panchkula, planned a route via which the Baba Gurmeet Ram Rahim’s cavalcade would reach its destination. Notifying the same route well in advance to ensure proper security and safety measures in the Chandigarh city to the UT Police Department, an abrupt and sudden permission from a Senior Haryana Intelligence Officer was sought from the UT DGP while the cavalcade has reached Ambala from Sirsa.

The permission included making the entire cavalcade pass through Chandigarh city from Zirakpur instead of the planned route of entering the court via Panchkula city from Zirakpur only. UT DGP questioned the Senior Intelligence Officer from Haryana Police as to why such a permission was sought to which the official had no justification to give. Luthra sensed the fishy nature of the move and acted smartly to avert the threat.

Here’s How Chandigarh DGP Saved The City Beautiful ?

UT DGP Tajender Singh Luthra from the Chandigarh police sensed something fishy which was furthermore justified when the official cited no substantial reasons for his sought permission. The UT DGP denied the access to to the city roads and asked the Haryana officer to follow the same route as planned. The Haryana official, on the other hand, stayed on his stand and told the UT DGP to do whatever he could to stop him from gaining entry to the court via Chandigarh roads.

Chandigarh’s DGP who was in a meeting with UT Administrator in no time made a move and reached the first check post to strengthen the existing naaka in case required. Also, he communicated to the Harayana official to have sent a pilot car which could re-direct them on the Chandigarh roads to follow the route to the court. Haryana official who thought the war of words has been won by him followed the pilot car which made them take a U-Turn and bring the cavalcade from the wrong side of Zirakpur while a voluntarily induced traffic jam was introduced on the roads.

By the time, Harayan officials could gather their senses and get hold of the smart plan of the UT DGP, it was already too late and they were put on the same roads of the route as planned from Zirakpur to Panchkula without entering Chandigarh region. Hats off to the amazing efforts of the UT DGP Tajender Singh Luthra in saving the Chandigarh city from the violence and wrath of Dera followers.

Source: The Tribune


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