This Dhanteras, Padmavati & Baahubali Inspired Jewelleries Are in Demand | Check Out Pooja & Shopping Muhurat

Today is Dhanteras, an auspicious day for the purchasing of gold jewelleries, silver and utensils in India. Dhanteras holds a great significance in Hinduism as it is celebrated two-days before Diwali and is considered to bring home prosperity, wealth, and good health.

But this year’s Dhanteras 2017 is grand and luxurious. This Dhanteras, a large number customers in metros and tier I cities are demanding for jewelleries inspired by Bollywood movies including Padmavati, and Baahubali. Yes, you heard it right. People have gone crazy to see the heavy and traditional chunk of jewelleries donned by the actors and the actresses of the movie Padmavati and Baahubali. The customers have ordered similar pieces to the jewelleries to buy on the day of Dhanteras beforehand.

Padmavati & Baahubali inspired jewellery on demand this Dhanteras 2017

The Padmavati’s signature Kundan neck piece and the Baahubali’s Chen Dhoom are the much in demand jewellery in Dhanteras 2017. The ladies especially, including those who are soon to get married have ordered the crafted jewellery that looks amazing that exudes the saga of age-old Indian traditional jewellery. Other than women jewellery, Dhanteras is the day when the majority of people buy Lakshmi coins and idols made from gold and silver.

Muhurat for Dhanteras 2017 pooja & shopping today?

The day of Dhanteras is very auspicious as per the Hindu belief to make big purchases like household items, jewelleries, cars & two- wheelers and even properties. On this day, people worship the Goddess and the God of wealth, i.e Lakshmi, and Kuber. This year in India, the muhurat for Dhanteras pooja is from 6:57 pm to 8:49 pm. Burn oil lamps and candles outside your houses after worshiping and pray for your family and work.

Talking about the shopping muhurat on the day of Dhanteras 2017 are between 9:37 to 10:59 am. To purchase car, gold and electronic items on Dhanteras day, timings from 11:55 am to 12:45 pm, 1: 40 pm to 5:50 pm and 10:30 pm onwards are the best to splurge and take back home festive goodies.

These Dhanteras pooja and shopping muhurat may not be accurate as they are approximate ones. For the accurate and the correct Dhanteras 2017 pooja muhurat, you should consult any priest (pandit ji) at any temple.



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