10 Interesting Facts About India’s Longest (Dhola Sadiya) River Bridge

India gets its longest bridge, Not kidding, The Dhola Sadiya Bridge in India is termed as the “longest bridge” in the nation which gets inaugurated by Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi today in Assam, India. Stretching about 9.15 kilometres in length, the longest bridge i.e.  Dhola Sadiya Bridge in India has undergone fast track superior quality construction under the Modi governance.

Here are a few interesting facts one must know about India’s longest bridge, Dhola Sadiya Bridge in Assam, India. We give you 10 Reasons Why India’s longest bridge Dhola Sadiya Bridge is India’s best achievement so far !!!! Take a look.

1. India’s Longest Bridge, Dhola Sadiya Bridge in Asaam

Termed as India’s longest bridge constructed ever, Dhola Sadiya Bridge in Assam stretches upto 9.15 km in length. Interesting fact, the bridge width is about 3-lanes which makes it even more aesthetically sound and proportionate to its length that makes it the “longest bridge in India.”

2. 24×7 Connectivity to persist

Suffering a poor connected area in Assam and Arunachal Pradesh’s eastern side which even our Indian Army found as difficult to contain. Bridging the gap between the un-connected or poorly connected areas of Assam, the Dhola Sadiya Bridge in Assam in India has made impossible , possible, difficult things simpler in nature by reducing the travel time by approximately 5 freaking hours!!!

3. Savings !!!

Cost effective in commutation by reducing commutation time, the engineering calculations performed while cost estimation revealed a whopping savings of INR 10 lacs per day in terms of fuel efficiency of diesel and petrol vehicles.

4. 28.5 km vs 9.15 km stretch?

Yes, that is true. The length of bridge portion excluding the approach roads and connecting highway is 9.15 km making it India’s longest constructed bridge ever. But, hello? If we add up the ignored stretches as well, it shoots up to whopping 28.5 km stretch which is worth fainting for!

5. The Brahmaputra

Constructed and spanning over the tributary of Brahmaputra River in India, the Dhola Sadiya Bridge in Assam boasts of being built over Lohit rver making it the longest river bridge ever!

6. What if an Earthquake comes?

Do not worry folks! The design of the bridge in terms of technicality boasts of a seismic-proof nature which means, even if an earthquake comes, the longest bridge in India, Dhola Sadiya Bridge stands like a remarkable creation of mankind on 182 computed piers (foundation sub structure part for supports) with which fierce nature can do no harm.

7. The 2000 whopping crore bridge

Yes, that’s true. Boasting to be the longest bridge, the cost involved in the project is quite heavy too. The entire bridge project costs an amount of INR 2056 crores which is worth the effor when we talk about the salient features and characteristics of what the Dhola Sadiya Bridge in India is here for.

8. State Development Pillar of Support

Connecting the rural belt and states which are done naturally apart from each other via river running between them, the connectivity imparted by the Dhola Sadiya Bridge would not only be for commuting but boosting up the development and economy of states as well esp. the rural belts associated with them.

9. Boosting up the Tourism

The bridge apart from a connectivity medium aims to boost up and encourage tourism as well as the aesthetics demand it. Adorning that perfect look and nailing the art of attracting tourists, the bridge is a ray of hope for many as Arunachal Pradesh has no airport link, pretty sad!

10. China Keep off Budd

India’s subtle way of telling China to keep off from the borders of Indian Terrains, the Dhola Sadiya Bridge in India is one such way with no amicable conversation between two countries standing as a medium to bring two distant states closer. Well, that is what we call is, ‘Nailing the art of expression’.

Eaten up the patience of many, the bridge is a way to tell the world, India has got it and we do not mind flaunting it because we always had it in Us!

Source: The Hindu

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