Lose Weight and Stay Healthy with Dietitian Nalini (Chandigarh)

Nalini, a dietitian from Chandigarh has the best mantra for people who have more work to do in less time and can’t take control over their health. Living in one of the fastest growing cities of India, people in Chandigarh are facing similar problem that people living in the most modern cities of the world face. With the pace of life moving faster than ever before, Chandigarhians don’t have enough time to oversee their health. No time for exercises and an improper diet has definitely affected our overall wellness which has even led to obesity in many people.

Although there are hundreds of thousands of books on weight loss with tips to healthy lifestyle, but what this experienced Chandigarh based dietitian, Nalini says is that you can only lose weight by eating. Strange na? Even I felt the same when I heard it for the first time but if you spend a couple of minutes with her at her clinic in Panchkula, she’ll explain you how this best weight loss tip actually works. Here’s a brief explanation:

nalini-dietitian-chandigarh-yogaNo hefty exercises, no dieting and no medicines. Yes, That’s true! According to Nalini, “If you want to lose weight, you just need to know what to eat, how much to eat and when to eat”. Controlling your temptations, staying hungry, skipping meals, exercising and jogging for hours will not help you get slim or will not give you a healthy lifestyle in Chandigarh. It will just imbalance your hormones leading to much complicated situations.

Apart from being a dietitian and serving Chandigarh & Panchkula people with happy diet plans, Nalini believes in the power of Yoga. Having done a graduation in Yoga, she says that some exercises (aasans) of Yoga, if done properly can give excellent weight loss results. But to get results in the shortest time span, few minutes of Yoga should be combined with a nutritious diet plan. And yes, we forgot to tell you that you don’t have to stick to your diet plans for years and years to come. Customized diet plans by dietitian Nalini includes the things that you love.

Get your diet plan now and lead a healthy life. Remember, in order to earn wealth, you need to have a good health. Visit Dietitian Nalini at her “Be-Lite” clinic in Panchkula or simply consult her over the phone at 9780643002.

You don't have to eat less...  You just


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