Diwali Fire Crackers Window Set For 3 Hours in Chandigarh | Know the Timings

After a debate in the Punjab and Haryana Court this Friday, the Time Slot for firing up Diwali Crackers in Chandigarh this Diwali has been declared. These orders were passed by the division bench of justices AK Mittal along with Amit Rawal. On the basis of the Suo Motu Note of news reports fabricated on the issue of Air pollution, the decision has been made, and the news is out. This Diwali, Firecrackers time slot is set between 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM. Along with this decision, the high court has also passed several other decisions.

Diwali Decisions by Punjab and Haryana High Court | Crackers Time Slot Set

After the order of time slot for firecrackers was passed, another order was also lined up. On Friday, High Court also ordered the authorities to decrease the number of license by 20% from last year for setting up the cracker shops. Although the decision is still not elaborated, still these two decisions are marked words by the High court this Diwali. The order was passed by the division bench of justices AK Mittal and Amit Rawal, on the account of increasing pollution during Diwali in Chandigarh.

As per Justice Rawal, it is not only Delhi that witnesses the deterioration of air, but other areas like Punjab and Haryana along with Chandigarh are also victims of depleted air. Recent reports have also shed some light on the increasing issue of air pollution in the cities like Ludhiana, Amritsar, and Chandigarh.

Let’s Celebrate Silent Diwali and Keep Our Homes Pollution Free

On frequent reports of increasing air and noise pollution in the city like Chandigarh during Diwali, Justice department of Punjab and Haryana Court has finally ordered the authority to pass an order allowing the public to enjoy fire-crackers in the time slot of 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM. Also, the decision was extended to the fire-cracker shops, the court has also ordered the authorities of Chandigarh to cut the license number by 20% for Cracker shops. These decisions are very wise and must spread among the people of Chandigarh. Let’s join our hands together and fight against Air and Noise Pollution Chandigarh.

Source Hindustan Times 

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