5 Best Dog Trainers in Chandigarh To Help You TrainYour Dog

It is widely known that a Dog is man’s best friend but what if someone was to ask you are you your dog’s best friend? Well, the idea of having a dog was to guard a house but today more and more people adopt one in their families for the sheer love for them. Chandigarh has a lot of Dog Shelters where you could adopt one but there isn’t much knowledge on where to get professional help if you are a first-timer. As far as the common sentiment goes, dog training is done to make your dog more obedient but if you are adopting a dog that has gone through some trauma it can also help to make him more social. Chandigarh Metro has compiled a list of bet dog trainers in Chandigarh who can help you if the need arises. If none of this options are local to you, don’t worry. online dog training is increasingly popular and a great way to train your pup from the comfort of home.

Namdev Dog Training

This dog training centre in Chandigarh makes sure that your pet has a positive relationship with you from the very beginning. The professionals here are very kind and will answer any dog related questions you have with you. It has been the most trusted name when it comes to Dog trainers in Chandigarh.

Address: Sector 32, Chandigarh

Contact: 78766 66563

Sheena Dog Kennel

One of the most popular dog trainers in Chandigarh also happens to be the one who can get you a dog in the first place. Sheena Dog Kennel claims it get you a variety of breeds like dachshund, English cocker spaniel, and French bulldogs. This dog training centre also deals in a variety of dog products and specific foods according to breads.

Address: Booth No. 337, Sector 20D, Azad Market, Chandigarh

Contact: 98153 71968

Dogsplay, Chandigarh

Awarded the best trainer 8 times a row the founder of Dogsplay Mr. Shiv Kaushal has been training dogs for the past 22 years. Detective training and guard dog training are the highlights of this dog training centre in Chandigarh.

Address: #5063/3, Modern Complex Manimajra, Chandigarh

Website: http://www.dogsplay.net/services.htm

Contact: 9872807448

DoG Training Centre, Chandigarh

Another favourite among the dog owners, this dog training centre in Chandigarh has been helping the residents of the city with their dog problems for the past few years. If you are a first time parent (we really prefer not to use the word owner) then you can ensure the best trainer here to prevent any behavioural problems with your pet.

Address: Market Road, Sector 35D, Chandigarh, 160022

Contact: 80542 95986

Chandigarh Kennel

This dog training centre is originally a puppy farm where you can adopt one and they are of the best ones in business. This dog training centre has high quality pups where hygiene is the most important criteria. Their love for dogs has led them to offer a variety of services like grooming, ear cleaning, and medicated baths.

Address: Shastri Nagar Manimajra (Near Traffic Lights), IT Park Road Chandigarh

Website: http://www.chandigarhkennel.com

Contact: +91-7340750191


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