Dooriyan by Guri Now Has a Female Version by Tanya | Official Video

It has been a while since Guri’s new Punjabi song ‘Dooriyan’ was released and we still haven’t got enough of it. Well arguably the most viral song of 2017 in Punjabi Music Industry has now got a full-length official female version by Tanya and it has given us goose bums again. Well, you might have heard the boy’s point of view by Guri in ‘Dooriyan’ and Tanya is going to tell her own in the new Punjabi song. The song can be downloaded here.

Tanya’s full-length version of Guri’s new Punjabi song ‘Dooriyan’ might be notch higher than the original.

The new Punjabi song by Tanya is actually a twist to Guri’s twist on the hit ‘Dooriyan’. We get a similar melancholic sound as the song is put up by the same team that made the original. Ranjit’s music was heavily appreciated in the original Punjabi song ‘Dooriyan’ but here in Tanya’s female version of Dooriyan, he takes a rather unplugged kind of route. The music has no beat and relies heavily on acoustic instruments.

Raj Fatehpur’s lyrics were the strongest part of the original and things are the same here in the new Punjabi female version of the song ‘Dooriyan’ by Guri. Coming to Tanya, well her part in the original stood out too although it might have been a tad bit short. We’re glad the team sorted it with giving her a full-blown female version of the song ‘Dooriyan’ by Guri. The tables reverse here, as Guri takes a back seat and appears only for a couple of lines in the new Punjabi song. Tanya is immensely talented and holds her own against Guri. The song can be downloaded at most streaming services like Apple Music, Spotify, Saavn, Google Play Music, and Wynk.

The original video of ‘Dooriyan’ was directed by Tru Makers.

The female version of new Punjabi song ‘Dooriyan’ by Guri and Tanya might haven’t got its own music video but the story it tries to tell is pretty similar to what we saw in Guri’s original version. The original video of the song ‘Dooriyan’ featured Guri, Sanna Thakur, and Kanika Mann in lead roles.

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