Doorstep Delivery in India By A Drone May Soon Be Possible | Government Issues Legal Guidelines For Use Of Drones

It has been exactly one year since Dominos delivered a pizza with a drone to a couple of New Zealand. While New Zealand residents were all proud, it made the rest of the world including India jealous of them. Well the news we bring to you today may bring a smile on your face. The government of India has presented a new draft policy for drones in the country and a list of rules to be followed. Only the drones that weigh less than 250 grams and are used by small children will be exempted by the draft policy of India.

The new draft policy for drones by the Government of India:

The drones that will go on sale in India need to be classified under five categories. The drones that do not have the ability to fly above 50 feet and weigh less than 250 grams will not need any sort of permission from the government. The next category is the drones that weigh less than two kilograms and cannot fly over 200 feet. These drones will need police permission in India. However, the drones that weighs more than two kilograms that will eventually be used by commercial organisations need a registration number as well as police permission. The Aviation Ministry of India also wants these drones to have a travel plan.

The rules mentioned in the new draft policy of drones will be implemented by December,2017 in India. Meanwhile the rules will be published on the Directorate General of Civil Aviation by this week. The public inputs will be taken into consideration before finalising the Drone draft in India.

E-commerce giants may look to use the drones for doorstep delivery in India:

Dominos delivered a cheese pepperoni pizza to a couple in New Zealand in their back yard via a drone a full year back and all major e-commerce giants have been crazy behind the idea ever since. Amazon recently announced that it was developing a system where the Amazon Drone will deliver the package inside your apartment by unlocking your smart lock if you give it the permission to. We just cannot wait for the future of food delivery in India where your favourite food will literally fly to you via a drone.

Source: Quartz


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