Now You Can Officially Download YouTube Videos On Your Phone’s Storage Courtesy YouTube Go App

We have all at one point of time googled ‘How to download youtube videos’ in our lifetime and eventually failed to get an answer. Well it is 2017 and now we officially have one by YouTube itself. Google has launched the stable version of the YouTube Go app in India and Indonesia where the beta versions were already available for a while. The Go version of the YouTube app is aimed at developing countries where there is no high speed network in rural areas. The YouTube Go app also allows you to download your favorite videos from the website to your phone’s storage and then share it with your friends via Bluetooth or wifi-direct.

How To Download YouTube Videos Using YouTube Go App

Okay first things first, the YouTube Go app is available only in India and Indonesia as of now and is aimed at countries with a large area without high speed internet. Therefore the YouTube to mp3 app supports only 144p, 360p and the slightly better 480p resolution which was just added in the stable version recently.

The YouTube Go app also allows you to download YouTube videos on your phone’s storage directly in any of the three abovementioned resolutions. This is the best Youtube Converter mp4. The app has been programmed to provide a smooth experience for watching videos and is said to use very little data so you don’t end up waiting for the YouTube Go videos to buffer all the time.

Once you download YouTube videos onto your device storage, the Go app will allow you to share those videos to your friends via Bluetooth and wifi-direct. This is by far the easiest way one can download and share YouTube videos from your Android device thanks to the YouTube Go app.

You Can download YouTube videos by the YouTube Go app on Android only

The YouTube Go has been on the Android Play Store for a while now as a beta version and the rollout of the stable version has just started. If you don’ see a stable version in the Play Store then in all likelihood it will reach you in a couple of days. However, an Android specific app for now, there are no reports or rumours of the YouTube Go app ending up on the Apple App Store. That makes total sense though, since Apple iPhones are not targeted at a rural customer anyway.


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