Dr Ashwin Vijay: Altering People’s Lives in the Right Direction

It is incredible to know that today the world has evolved so much that the people living in it are becoming more & more aware of what they should focus on more. It is not about the amount of work you do every day, not the money you earn every day, but the amount of importance you give to your health – both physical & mental. And, people are realising this more each day the importance of their health. The same is the viewpoint of Dr Ashwin Vijay, who has been in the health care industry for more than two decades, imagine the amount of expertise he has & can pass on to people around the world?

Hailing from Tamil Nadu, Dr Ashwin Vijay is not just an orthopedist, and orthopaedic surgeon treating his patients but is also a well known motivational speaker, a life coach & has a degree in arthroscopy & sports medicine as well dealing with many national & international athletes around the world for treating sports injuries.

Dr Vijay always aimed at doing the greater good for people around him by healing them in every possible manner hence, along with his practice as a doctor he can be called a life doctor as well who tries to transform people’s lives in the right direction, a doctor every individual needs in today’s times. He is the one who has a positive approach towards life & urges everyone to inculcate the same approach so that whenever life throws difficulties at them, they come out as warriors ready to fight the same & even win the battle against all those difficulties.

Talking about the amount of knowledge this dynamic & young doctor has, that can be seen even in the number of credits he earned in his career. He is not just a good doctor; he is also a fitness expert who talks about how to make six-pack abs & many other fitness things, he is a life coach who teaches life lessons the easiest way & he is also a motivator who acts as a powerful source to make people believe in themselves.

Dr Vijay also envisioned a dream project, a common platform for all called STRENGTH INDIA MOVEMENT that has been a great example of how people can get informative facts about how to remain healthier & happier & how to pass on the same message to others. A recipient of a list of prestigious awards for many years, Dr Ashwin Vijay is an inspiration to so many out there who somehow have forgotten the true meaning of life & urges millions of people to get on the courage & will to face whatever life puts them through with a positive attitude.


Ajay Deep

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