Best IVF specialist in Chandigarh – Dr. Shikha Sardana

There is nothing that can compare to the joy of parenthood. When a couple is unable to conceive naturally, IVF professionals step in to act as their guardian angels and direct them on the road to parenting. Every couple looks for a trustworthy doctor who can help them become parents. 

In-vitro fertilization, or IVF, is the most popular artificial reproductive technique. IVF, as the name implies, is a form of assisted reproduction where the male sperm fertilizes the female egg outside a woman’s body in a glass dish or tube. 

IVF is a series of complicated procedures that aid couples unable to conceive naturally in having a child. More than 8 million IVF babies have been born globally since its launch.

There could be many reasons for infertility, such as damage or blockage in the fallopian tube, ovulation disorders, endometriosis, uterine fibroids, unexplained infertility, or low-quality sperm production. 

In such cases, IVF treatment is the best and most effective treatment for infertility. This process has recorded millions of successful test tube babies and lightened up the whole family. 

Get your one-stop infertility solution from Dr. Shikha Sardana for your parenthood.

Whenever it comes to In vitro fertilization, Dr. Shikha Sardana is the number one specialist in Chandigarh. She is valued and recognized for lighting the hope of parenthood in a family unable to conceive. 

An egg and sperm are fused in vitro during the fertilization procedure known as in vitro fertilization. Monitoring and boosting a woman’s ovulatory cycle is part of the procedure, as is taking an ovum or an ova from her ovaries and allowing sperm to fertilize them in a culture medium in a lab. Dr. Shikha Sardana is the master of this process. She monitors the whole process and works carefully and effectively

Dr. Shikha does understand that becoming a parent is the world’s greatest joy. She is very well qualified in the field of IVF specialty. Most of her procedures are successful with complete client satisfaction. Making lives possible via IVF is her mantra.

If you are the one suffering from infertility or complexity in conceiving, Dr. Shikha Sardana is the one who can help you. She offers all kinds of fertility treatments ranging from basic to advanced. This includes IUI, IVF, ICSI, Preimplantation genetic testing, fertility preservation (egg freezing/ sperm freezing), and surrogacy. As per her client’s review, she is the best IVF specialist in Chandigarh. The client’s benefit is her priority & with her 13 years of experience and diligent work she is giving success rates in IVF at par with western standards.

Why should you consult Dr. Shikha Sardana for becoming a parent?

Dr. Shikha Sardana understands the seriousness of the matter and tackles every situation with extreme care and responsibility. Moreover, her IVF package includes injections, stimulation, ultrasounds, easy consultation, ovum pickup, and embryo Transfer.

Each step is done with dedication and caution. If you have a low sperm count, poor egg quality, or problems with the uterus or fallopian tube, Dr. Shikha Sardana will help you.

She handles all issues related to ovulation and provides a hassle-free experience. Also, she charges no hidden charges and has complete transparency in pricing. Complete paperwork assistance is offered to clients too.


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