Thinking to get a Dream House in Shimla? It Just Got Easier

A dream house in Shimla won’t be dream now as Auramah valley would soon house over a hundred houses in the lap of Shimla. Sounds as fascinating as it would look like, owning a freehold luxury villa in Himachal seems like a dream come true.

Calling themselves as the “Gold Standard” of luxury living in Shimla, Auramah valley has brought forth with itself an idea of providing luxurious and classy living in a freehold state for those who want a dream house, a holiday home or may be a second home in the Shimla, Himachal Pradesh.

About Dream House in Shimla

Owning a house in the foothills of Himachal lands seemed like a distant dream till the project launch announcement by Imperial Reality and Developments took place. Going forth with their 2nd phase of the estimated INR 480 crore luxury & high-class living project, a holiday home in the lap of serenity is what their motto is. Initially, owning a property in Himachal involved a lot of hassles and hence the project could never take off in the first place itself. The privilege of owning one now simply has enthralled many richie richs around the world.

Highlights of the Project in Auramah Valley

The project promises exquisite salient features that would make you burn your pockets right away to grab the “Never before delivered” deal in a jiffy. Here’s what the project has in store for you richies out there:

  • Building 100 exclusive new homes as ‘limited edition‘ of different categories in the region
  • 2 bedroom house (Signature apartments) having 1600 SQ feet of area to cost around 1.1 crore
  • 4 bedroom duplex (luxury duplexes) one with 3500 sqft area to cost around 2.7 crore
  • Luxurious villas (Super luxury villas) of 5000 sqft area to cost you 5.6 crore
  • 200 apartments, 50 duplexes and 20 villas to be constructed in 14 months
  • 14 new senior homes attached o clubhouse of 700 to 1000 sqft area
  • Project to cover 20 acres of land widespread in the region
  • Out of 100 acres of land, 80 acres to be left for untouched forest cover for natural aesthetics
  • Lifetime view of forest cover, valley and pristine hills around
  • Serene ambience and fresh unadulterated surroundings
  • High rise mountains, sparkling rivers and vast meadows as onlooking area around

Facilities available at Auramah Valley Project

Apart from luxurious homes amidst pristine valleys, the breathtaking project doesn’t end here. Here’s what all facilities you would get with your dream house in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh.

  • State of the art clubhouse facility in the valley
  • Dedicated helipad, and helicopter facility
  • Air connectivity 24×7 via above from North India to the valley
  • 24×7 clinic with availability of in-house doctor
  • High-end luxurious spa rooms for its members
  • All-weather heated swimming pool available
  • Gymnasium for the fitness freak population
  • Restaurants, indoor and outdoor both
  • Cigar Lounges in the valley
  • Departmental store for daily grocery requirements
  • Facilities like card room and in-house movie theatres
  • Host to a number of banks providing home loan facility
  • Large rain water harvesting tank for storage of filtered water
  • Own source of water from the river and storage upto 10 lac litres of water

With huge warm and welcoming response from the first phase of the same project, the second phase seems to be even more promising. So, for all those who have always craved for a second holiday home in the lap of mother nature to de-stress yourself away from what the materialism of the world has to offer. Surrender yourselves into the pure bliss of the dream house project of luxurious living in Auramah Valley in Shimla, Hiamchal Pradesh.

Source :  ET

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