Dressing Table Designs That Are Perfect for Bedrooms

How presentable you look while stepping out depends a lot on your dressing table. A table that is not well-lit or doesn’t have a mirror that allows you to check yourself from top to toe will never give you a complete idea of how you look after getting ready. Without the right table, one will never know whether the shirt is tucked right, the make-up is perfect, or the tie is a good match. So, when buying a dressing table, consider these designs that are perfect for your bedroom. 

Top-to-toe mirror dressing table

If there are no space restrictions, one should always invest in a dressing table that has a top to toe mirror. This lets you take a good look at yourself before going for that important meeting that might make or break your career, or a date that might change the entire course of your life. Not looking your best on days like these simply because there was no good mirror at home isn’t a good enough excuse.

Dressing table with stool

Buying a dressing table that comes with a stool is always a great idea when compared to the one without the stool. The table with stool will have the right measurements and hence will make you feel a lot more comfortable when sitting on it for long hours. Also, it complements the design of the dressing table, making it a compete set.

If the stool or chair is purchased separately, the chances are that the height of the chair and dressing table won’t match, making it difficult for users to make the best use of the table. If not paired well, one might have to get ready standing for hours.

A dressing table with a combination of open and closed storage

No matter which dressing table you buy, make sure it has ample storage space in there. When it comes to modern dressing table designs, there are options available with open and closed storage. Now any of these but a combination of both. It would be a wise decision to pick a dressing table that has both storage options as they are things you need handy while getting ready while some cannot be kept in the open as they might look messy on the outside. 

Slanted mirror design

For a modern and fancy look, dressing tables come with slanting mirrors these days. They don’t just look classy and elegant but also change the entire look of the bedroom. It feels like a part of the organized interior décor. So, when buying a dressing table, give this design a shot.

Compact dressing table

Designed keeping modern urban spaces in mind, the compact dressing tables make a great addition without overwhelming the décor.

If you are planning to buy a dressing table online, check for the multiple design options offered by popular furniture brands. Look for the dimension details. Once everything is in place, compare the prices, research a little about the material used for its durability, mobility, and maintenance, then make a final decision.


Ajay Deep

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