A Drunk 20-Year Old Guy Dies After Falling From Balcony in Mohali

The deceased also took along a friend who happens to be in critical condition right now.

In shocking news this week, a boy lost his life after he fell from the balcony of his friend’s house in Mohali’s Shahi Majra Village. The deceased has been identified as Sudama, a resident of Muradabad in Uttar Pradesh. Apparently Sudama was invited to Shahi Majra for a house party and had quite a bit to drink. He along with his friend decided to go out in the balcony for a smoke and lost his balance while looking down. Witnesses confirm that he fell from the third floor of the Mohali building and also took his friend along while desperately hoping to grab something.

Friend of The Deceased In Critical Condition

A witness named Chetan, a friend of the deceased also happened to be present at the house party in Mohali. He explained that Sudama had had a few drinks and wanted to go out for a smoke. This is when another friend named Lakshmi Narayan decided to join him outside. The 22-year old was there with the deceased at the time of the incident at the balcony of the Mohali building. When Sudama lost his balance while looking down, he was desperately looking to grab something. He got a hand of his friend Lakshmi Narayan who was standing in close proximity.

Both the Mohali boys fell to the ground but the damage to Sudama was rather substantial. He fell to the ground and hit his head at the direct impact. Lakshmi Narayan on the other hand fell on a motorcycle from the third floor of the building and his injuries have been reported to be equally critical. They were both rushed to the Phase 6 hospital in Mohali but the doctors declared Sudama brought dead. Keeping the critical injuries of Lakshmi Narayan in mind the hospital authorities referred him to the PGI in Chandigarh.

Mohali Police Probing The Matter

Mohali Police when asked has agreed that the matter did look like an accident but they are not entirely eliminating other possibilities. Although the witnesses confirm this to be an accident, Police will probe the case for foul play. The deceased belonged to the Muradabad area of Uttar Pradesh and his family is still to reach Mohali. A further probe will continue once the family is filled in on the unfortunate matter. This is not the first unfortunate accident where alcohol played a major role and incidents like these have often been reported in the Tricity area.


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