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DU Admissions in 2017 have taken the entire nation by storm with lacs of applicants registering themselves online for a few vacant of seats. But, wait if you have applied under ECA quota you might have a fair chance of still making it to the prestigious Delhi University for admission in 2017.

The Extra-Curricular Activities quota as recognized and acknowledged by DU for admissions in 2017, the process shall begin from July 11, 2017 this year for the same. The process had begun from July 8,2017 with the release of merit list for DU Admissions under ECA quota in 2017.

DU Admissions 2017: Updates

With third cut off list released by the Delhi University for various courses, students get a shocker with soaring high cut-off levels of DU every year. In 2017, candidates who are seeking admissions in DU for courses beginning from the academic session of 2017 this year also are stressed out as the past trends and present extrapolation of the same simply are sky-rocketing.

But, some recognized quotas like these which are not based on the locality, caste, gender or creed but solely on the extra curricular activities you have been a part of since childhood works. Acknowledging the efforts put in by you in your interests and recognizing your awards and participation certificates you possess while taking part in that favorite competition of extra curricular, DU Admissions in 2017 is one place you can take that advantage of.

DU Admissions 2017: Merit List Out

Releasing the merit list of shortlisted candidates for DU Admissions on 2017 this year under ECA quota, here are the details of the admission process of DU in 2017 under ECA quota for you.

  • The first cycle of DU Admissions 2017 to commence from Tuesday
  • All in all 5 cycles are expected to take place in DU Admissions for 2017
  • 1100 students shortlisted for 12 colleges via merit list
  • 20,000 applicants registered for 900 vacancies for admissions in DU 2017
  • 110 students via English debate and 12o via classical dance in the DU merit list
  • 5% seats are reserved every year to be filled by ECA DU quota which can go up till 15%
  • Admission process for DU in 2017 under ECA quota to start from July 11, 2017
  • The procedure shall end on August 10, 2017 by DU for admissions this year in 2017

Well, this is interesting. You never knew your singing or acting or dancing or debating talent could fetch you admission in DU in 2017. Sounds good also, Why should only studies be given marks? Why not extra curricular activities get any credit? DU does it all in its admissions in 2017 this year with its ECA quota.

Source: HT

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