Ducks at Sukhna Lake Chandigarh test positive for bird flu

Chandigarh Administration along with wildlife officials were on high alert as a duck which died at Sukhna Lake was found positive for Avian Flu (H5N1 Virus) commonly known as Bird Flu. Ducks at Sukhna Lake were dying under mysterious circumstances from the last 4-5 days. A total of 30 ducks had already died when the Chandigarh Administration sent the samples to a lab in Bhopal to know the exact cause of death of these birds in Chandigarh. One sample out of the sent 6 samples has tested positive for Bird Flu.

Precautions taken to prevent Bird Flu in Cahndigarh

As soon as the confirmation of Bird Flu was conveyed to the dealing authority in Chandigarh, the Chandigarh Administration came into action and soon put a ban on boating at Sukhna Lake. Police personal were deployed to stop people from going down the stairs as water might carry the bird flu infection. Bird Flu is a dangerous disease for birds and can be easily transmitted to human. Touching anything which has been contaminated by the ducks can spread Bird Flu.

All the ducks have been limited to a confined area to prevent the Bird Flu virus from spreading to other migratory birds. The wild life officials who go to the island in the centre of water at Sukhna Lake have been given strict instructions to wear a special dress over their clothes along with face masks and gloves.

Apart from this, officials will be visiting all the poultry farms in and around Chandigarh to take samples of the birds over there and test them for Bird Flu. People have been asked to keep a check on their health and consult a doctor for any illness.

Ducks at Sukhna Lake were a major attraction. People used to feed them bread and grains. They were often seen on the stairs and even on the walking path at the lake. According to the sources, all birds within 1 km radius of Sukhna Lake will have to be culled to prevent the spread of Bird Flu in Cahndigarh. However, Chandigarh Administration has not taken any decision on this yet.

Source: Times of India


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