Dust and Heavy Winds Storm Chandigarh City

Chandigarh got severely stormed by dust and high velocity winds yesterday disrupting power supply in almost entire city. Heavy winds blew uprooting tress, wire, cables, poles etc, almost everything that came their way as obstacles. Residents of various sectors went through a hard time without electricity till late evening hours.

Consequences of the Storm

Storms imparted poor visibility and inability for many to carry out their daily activities. Apart from severe damage, following observations could be cited from the city Beautiful turning dusty post heavy winds :

  • Uprooting of 14 huge trees across tricity
  • Pulling out of saplings and small plants along the roads
  • Falling of wires and cables
  • Tilting of poles carrying cable wires
  • Prolonged power cuts
  • Disruption in water supply
  • Increased number of complaints to electricity deptt.
  • Damage caused to telephone lines

Worst Hit Areas of the City

Almost the entire tricity including Chandigarh, Panchkula and Mohali went through the turmoil but following were the worst hit areas of the city beautiful in terms of prolonged hours of power cut and disruption of telephone lines.

  • Sector 21 to 25
  • Sector 32
  • Sector 37 to 47
  • Sector 7 and 8
  • Sector 17 to 19
  • Major parts of Industrial area
  • Manimajra
  • Dadumajra
  • Burail

Going without electricity for more than 6 to 8 hours a day, residents had a hard time carrying out their normal routines and daily life activities.

Dusty Storms- Good Or Bad ?

Huge loss of property took its toll at various locations which had to pay the price of the wrath of Mother Nature. Though, storms were followed by rains soothening their effect a bit later but by that time the entire city could be seen as topsy-turvy. As the weather turned windy, people went grateful to Rain God who showered his mercy over the entire city but it so turned out to depict its other side pretty soon.

Dropping mercury by several degrees, the cool air blowing could not provide solace to the people for it wasn’t calm. With various sub-stations receiving more than 600 complaints in less than 6 hours of time made it difficult for the authorities to prioritise issues. Also, felling of trees accompanied by entangling of cables around it made their task all the more cumbersome in nature for it needed the aid of other departments as well.

Turning City Beautiful to City Dusty within no time, Mother Nature had a different story to tell us. Let us see what she has in store for us in near future – her Fury or Mercy!

Image: The Indian Express

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