Everyone Earning Rs. 9000 or More Will Have to Pay Professional Tax in Chandigarh

These days, Chandigarh is in headlines of every news for it’s good and bad reasons. Lately, a news of Chandigarh Municipal Corporation to soon implement the professional tax on the professionals of the city beautiful has made everyone worried.

As per the MC officials, they have read about the same tax being imposed by the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation and are planning to levy on the Chandigarhians. The proposal for the professional tax will be put up for the upcoming MC House meeting scheduled for the end of this month.

Proposed tax slab for the professionals of Chandigarh

All professionals of Chandigarh including advocates, doctors,  solicitors, consultants, notaries, architects, contractors, insurance agents, engineers, chartered accountants, brokers, tutors, gym owners, petrol pump owners, tour and travel operators, transporters, contractors, share brokers, and all types of professionals will have to pay professional tax of Rs 2,000 annually.

Professional tax distribution

  • The professional tax slab for the people of Chandigarh is constituted as per the rates fixed by the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation.
  • All the salaried and wages employees earning between Rs 6,000 and Rs 9,000 will pay Rs 80 per month as professional tax. of Rs 80 per month. Those whose salary is between Rs 9,000 and Rs 12,000 will have to shell out Rs 150 per month while those above Rs 12,000 will pay Rs 200 per month.
  • Those earning between Rs 9,000 and Rs 12,000 will pay Rs 150 per month as the tax.
  • Rs 200 per month will be the tax for those who earn above Rs 12,000.
  • All private and public limited companies, partnership firm, factory owners, banking, and finance companies will also pay Rs 2,000 annually.
  • There will be separate tax slab for the registered dealers.

All the people of Chandigarh are now anxious to know whether the ball will fall in their court or they will be slapped with another tax after income tax, VAT, service tax, entertainment tax and service handling tax on some online transactions.

Let’s put our fingers crossed and wait for the final decision by the Chandigarh Municipal Corporation.

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