New Local Buses are Coming to Mohali & These Would be Eco Friendly Buses

The Mohali Municipal Corporation has been coming up with plans for the development of Mohali. The MC made sure that the development does not harm the environment of the city. Keeping this in mind, they have come up with an idea of running eco-friendly buses across the city.

The Mohali Municipal Corporation has finally decided to execute the plan which was pending since a long time. The Muncipal Corporation of Mohali has planned to run eco-friendly buses in Mohali. The new eco-friendly buses coming to Mohali will be provided by the Union Government. This move by the Mohali Municipal Corporation will help save the environment as there the air pollution problem will be sorted, there will not be any negative impact on the environment.

New Eco-Friendly Buses Are Coming To Mohali

The plan of running new eco-friendly buses in Mohali is a great move by the Mohali MC. The new eco-friendly buses in Mohali will run on electric batteries and the eco-friendly buses will be provided to the civic body under a central scheme.

The project has been started and the civic body has also made a report of the eco-friendly buses project. The total of eco-friendly buses required for the project will also be mentioned in the report. The MC has also been asked to prepare the budget needed for the eco-friendly buses project in Mohali.

Expected Date And The Budget Of The Eco-Friendly Buses Project

The eco-friendly bus service project has been planned and will be executed soon.The civic body has taken a Rs. 6 crore loan from the bank for the eco-friendly bus service project. The amount would be shared by central and state government. The central government will be paying 80% and the civic body will be paying the rest 20% of the total cost of the eco-friendly bus service project.

The city people will expectedly be able to use the eco-friendly bus service by the end of 2017. The service will start with 15 eco-friendly buses initially. If the eco-friendly project in the city is successful then the MC will increase the number of eco-friendly buses.

The Wait For The Environment-Friendly Buses Has Already Started!

Source: Indian Express

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