Effective Online Sports Betting Strategies

Sports betting strategies use analysis, statistics, and probability theory in order to consistently earn money on betting with a bookmaker by playing for a long time. They completely neutralize possible successes or failures, since in the end only endurance and talent remain. We have prepared 5 online sports betting strategies to enable you to bet and win!

Online Sports Betting Strategy Reviews

Below we will look at the most popular strategies for online betting in BD, which have shown their effectiveness.

Fork Strategy

A fork is an arbitration situation between two bookmakers, which allows you to get a small percentage of profit with simultaneous bets on two diametrically opposite events.

Despite the fact that the strategy is essentially a win-win, you will need either a huge amount of time to implement it, or specialized high-end software that is never distributed for free. The most benefits can be obtained by using a fork for live betting. The odds on them are quite high, but they can change every ten seconds, so your speed will be a key success factor.

Catch-Up Strategy

One of the most famous strategies for earning money on sports betting. Its meaning is quite simple. After each drain, you need to make a bet that will completely cover all the money spent and help you get into the plus. On paper, the tactic looks 100% working, but it also has a weak link. Statistically, a series of 5-8 defeats in a row is extremely unlikely. Unlikely, but not impossible. The first black streak of failures will be able to empty your bank if it does not reach a certain limit.

You are unlikely to find on the forum the exact recommended amount to start the game of catch-up, as it is calculated individually depending on the minimum bet and the chosen sport. The main thing is that you always have enough money to finish the chain of increasing bets with a victory.

Odd / Even Strategy

The method of betting on an even or odd number of goals in a match or score of one of the teams. It is often combined with a catch-up to minimize risks (but only if it is used in basketball or another sport with an absolutely unpredictable exact number of goals scored). It is most often used in football, since the total number of goals in this sport is not large, which makes it more likely to calculate them in matches with a clear favorite and an outsider.

Corridor Strategy

The strategy of finding a corridor for betting in many ways resembles a fork in which all circumstances perfectly converged. With a corridor, even one winning bet can overlap several merged bets placed on different outcomes in the same event. This happens extremely rarely, and it is impossible to find a betting line with the most favorable percentages without specialized software. If you do find it, then the maximum loss will be 15-20% of the invested amount, while the gain will be about 50-60%.

Yellow Card

One of the newest and most profitable strategies. As the name suggests, the essence of this bet is not to predict the winner, but to determine how dirty the game will be. It is quite easy to get this information by comparing the style of play of the opponents, as well as mentally throwing them a couple of balls for aggressiveness in cup games or getting into the playoffs. The strategy itself can be combined with anything to maximize earnings.

Ladder Strategy

Today, the ladder is the riskiest, unusual, and potentially the most profitable strategy of all possible. In fact, she completely ignores the basic recommendation of a thrifty attitude to her bank. The very essence of the ladder strategy is to put the whole bank on the line over and over again in the hope of your own analytical skills. If the bets are successful, then you will be able to disperse even a small amount of personal funds in the shortest possible time, after which it would be a reasonable decision to switch to more stable working strategies. Its main purpose is to go all-in, not really worrying about initial investments, testing your nerves for strength. Some choose this strategy not because of the potential profit, but because of the desire to assert themselves or tickle their nerves.

Final verdict 

To date, betters and forecasters have invented dozens, if not hundreds of variations of popular strategies, including gray schemes for earning money, which we do not recommend paying attention to. Players regularly exchange their earnings and compile them into complex systems, sharpened for overclocking a certain bank in a certain sport. Such an exchange gradually improves the overall quality of all professional techniques, which further increases the difference between the earnings of smart betters and beginners.

If you don’t know how to beat a bookmaker, then you can simply choose one of the presented strategies, test it on a free account for two weeks, refine it, and then apply it in practice. With this approach, you risk literally nothing, but you will be able to use the experience that others have gained for decades on their own cones.

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