Elante Mall gets jam packed on Christmas eve in Chandigarh

Elante, Elante and Elante. There seemed to be just one destination for Chandigarhians to celebrate Christmas – the last festival of year 2014. People thronged Elante Mall at Chandigarh like there is no tomorrow. Heavy traffic jams were witnessed right from the Centra Mall light points till Elante Parking. It seemed as if there was a flood of vehicles going towards Elante Mall in Chandigarh. Traffic police men on duty seemed helpless due to this huge rush. The extra large parking lot of Elante Mall seemed to be full to its capacity as the parking assistants on duty had a tough time managing the rush of cars. Not just this, a long queue was witnessed at the entrance of the mall. There were around 200 men and women standing in the queue all the time to enter the Mall premises.

People wait in a queue for their turn to enter the Elante Mall premises in Chandigarh

Decorations at Elante Mall for Christmas Eve

The entrance was decorated with flowers and a statue of Santa Claus while riding a reindeer sledge was placed right in the front to greet visitors. Then there were 3 Christmas trees which were well decorated. This area was jam packed as people were trying to get themselves clicked with the Santa and the Christmas trees. Those who managed to go to the first floor through escalators were again seen clicking themselves with the Christmas tree from first floor. Except the Santa Claus sledge and the Christmas tree no other decorations were done to celebrate Christmas inside the mall premises. People who visited Elante, expected the mall to be well decorated on this widely celebrated occasion. The authorities at Elante would have never expected Chandigarh residents in such a large number. Kids, youngsters as well as older people were seen in a jubilant mood walking through the jam packed Elante Mall.

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