Smile! Electricity Price Dropped by 18% in Chandigarh & Here are the New Reduced FPPCA Charges

As per the sources, UT Electricity department has slashed down the cost of electricity in Chandigarh by 18%. This drop in the cost of electricity happened on an account of reduction in the FPPCA that is fuel and power cost adjustment price levied upon every electricity bill. According to the recent modifications, the cost of FPPCA has now reduced to 65p per unit [0-150 units] from 80p per unit for the domestic consumers.

After the request for increasing the power tariff was made by the power authority, the residents of Chandigarh have been in dark about the decision. The denial of the appeal came out as a relief to all the residents of Chandigarh. This change in the power billing is most likely going to be implemented from the billing cycle if May 1st to July 31st.

Power Cost Dropped in Chandigarh

After the plea of increasing the power tarrif by power authority of Chandigarh was denied, the cost of the FCCPA that is embedded in the electricity bill is most likely to reduce in the May to July billing cycle for all the residents of Chandigarh.

The New FPPCA Charges include –

For the consumers using 0-150 units, FPPCA is going to drop from 80 paise per unit to 65 paise per unit. For those who consume 151 to 400 units the cost of FPPCA is going to drop to Rs. 1.21 from Rs. 1.48, and for the users consuming more than 400 units, the FPPCA cost will drop from Rs.1.56 to Rs. 1.28 per unit. For the consumers who are using the small and medium supply connections, the cost for FPPCA will be dropped to Rs. 1.30 and Rs. 2.32 per unit respectively. In cases where the consumer is using the large supply connections, FCCPA will be Rs. 1.56 per unit.

As per the recent survey in Chandigarh, there are approximately 2.16 Lakh electricity consumers constituting 1.75 domestic consumers. Also, according to the electricity department of Chandigarh, 94% of consumers fall into the regular billing category. As per the current modifications, these changes in the cost levied on the electricity bills in Chandigarh claiming as FPPCA will be implemented in the 1st May to 31st July billing cycle.

This is a great news for the Chandigarh Residents. The UT Electricity department has announced the price cut in electricity bills by 18% by next year May-July billing cycle.

Source – TOI


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