Electricity Supply in Chandigarh to Be Privatized Just as in London

Chandigarh | Power Privatization is the upcoming project that is going to take shape in the UT under the administration of VP Singh Badnore to make Chandigarh a Green Capital of India. Badnore, also being the Governor of Punjab is highly influenced by the vision of Narendra Modi to make India much more efficient for its upcoming generations in the sectors of electricity, connectivity and its distribution.

So far the distribution of the electricity was mostly organized by the government sectors in India, but Badnore is aiming towards bringing in the private companies into the scene by issuing multiple licences. As he wants that the masses should enjoy a complete freedom to switch between the service providers if one is not serving up to the standards and the requirements.

Power Privatization: The Inspiration

Badnore is taking into account the electricity distribution systems through what the European nations and cities like London provide their citizens undisrupted services. He said that people in London have a number of service providers to choose from if they are unhappy from anyone’s service. And this is what he’s looking to provide to the people of Chandigarh to make it one of the first cities to have multiple private discoms as the electricity distributors.

Badnore wants to issue the licenses to the private discoms under a reliable licensing syatem that have been trying to gain it for quite a long time. He said London has 10 service providers and initially Chandigarh can do about 3 to 6.

Benefits of giving Electricity to Private Sector

  • Better facilities to consumers
  • Create competition to aid 24-hour power supply
  • Bridge the gap between generation and transmission
  • Grants freedom to users to choose their own service provider
  • Private players to get a chance to prove themselves
  • Improved power distribution network
  • Upgradation of electricity system
  • Reduced prices as a consequence of competition

The Commencement and Up-gradation of Power in Chanidgarh

The work regarding this fantastic project has already been started and is going to get to the full swing very soon commits Badnore. He is looking forward to upgrade the electricity system of the UT so that the project of privatization once commenced do not suffer setbacks or glitches as the investment required for the project will be extracted from the up-gradation. He assured that he himself will keep his stern eye on the project to finish it and get it up and working ASAP. Badnore wants to take the city beautiful to the next level to make it more exciting and preferable for its young generation.

Badnore sees Chandigarh as a city that has immense potential and he promises to take it to further heights to make it the BEST.


Shivali Angurala

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