Chandigarh Too Has an (Electronics Market) – Sector 18 & Here’s What You Need to Know

Electronic Market in Sector 18, Chandigarh, Oh Yeah! Remember when your mom sent you with a faulty “juicer mixer grinder” for repair? When you first bought a set of speakers for yourself ? When your dad stopped by the market to get electronic fittings of your car to get finely tuned? Yes, that’s the one.

That one market for electronic goods which is one stop shop for all the age groups in Chandigarh. Our very own electronic market of Chandigarh!

About the Electronic Market in Chandigarh

If you are visiting a Chandigarh market as non-resident of the Chandigarh city that has entangled wires and cables, music being blurted out from all corners of the area and huge influx of population coming in with broken electronic goods for repair, mind you buddy, you are amidst the “one and only electronic market of Chandigarh.”

Situated in the heart of the city, Sector 18 of Chandigarh, the market is a commercial space for all the people having expertise in the repair work of electronic items ranging from a “Needle to a ship.

What’s There at Electronic Market of Chandigarh?

Chandigarh’s electronic market in sector 18 caters to all ranges of products, domestic or international, old or new, for kids or for adults. The diversity in catering to a larger part of the crowd and nominally charges rates are the best features that this marketplace for electronic items in Chandigarh possess. Here’s a list for all the reasons you would more than once a year land up in the electronic zone of city beautiful Chandigarh for what they’ve got for you my friend. There you go:

  • Repairing of domestic appliances like Juicers, Mixers, ovens, microwaves etc.
  • Repairing of electronic items like Speakers, headphones etc.
  • Accessories for cars in terms speakers and music systems of all kinds
  • Mobile repairs and installations of electronic devices
  • Reasonably priced goods ranging from local manufacturers to international dealers
  • Readily available services and timely servicing of devices
  • Nominally charged labour charges for skilled labour work as well
  • School projects needing electrical assistance are made via these agents etc.

Solution amidst mess: Electronic Market, Chandigarh

When you see on a fine Sunday afternoon, hundreds of people mobbing the place to get the installations done and faulty items repaired moving back with smiles on their faces and when you see your feet getting entangled in all those wires and cables lying all over the floors and hanging from walls. But still, amidst all the chaos, there lies a solution to all your electronic woes. That’s what we want and that’s where we are – the epic and our very own – Electronic Market of Chandigarh !!!

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