Elderly People in Chandigarh to get Medical Facilities at Their Doorstep

Chandigarh is a city that is known for good health care and to top that up with another great initiative, Chandigarh Administration is all set to launch a campaign where elderly people in the city will get healthcare facilities at their doorstep.

In this technological era, you might have thought of getting medicines at your doorstep. While this is not something new, but something similar is being thought of by the authorities of Chandigarh. Elderly people in Chandigarh will now be able to avail for such medical services at their doorstep and they’ll not be required to visit a hospital. Medical services for elderly people will now just be a phone call away.

Family Medicine Project

Member of Parliament Chandigarh – Kirron kher had suggested this idea. She wants to call this project as ‘Family Medicine’ instead of adding some word as old or elderly. This initiative is in a very budding stage as of now. But soon shall be finalised and most probably the commencement of the same will take place on October 1st i.e. the international day for older persons.

Now, those long queues and hospital formalities can easily be avoided as there are thousands of elderly people for whom it is highly cumbersome to stand and wait in those long, never-ending  fleet of people waiting just have a word at the counter even for very minor issues or minor ailments. This truly seems to be the need of the hour.

Kirron Kher said that it is my dream project as I have always looked forward to pioneer such initiatives to serve the elderly people of the city Beautiful – Chandigarh.

Under this project, people will have to pay some minimal rates to avail the services of a doctor at their doorstep. The UT administration will fix the rates of these general physicians but details are yet to be finalised. The project is estimated to be initiated in the first month of October. The “Family Medicine” project may include retired doctors from the red cross society for giving the appropriate medical assistance and this budding idea seems to be turning into reality at a fast rate.

We all look forward to the execution of this superb idea in Chandigarh where doctors will visit the elderly at their home.

Image Credits: Humans of Chandigarh


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