The Emerge Store | Chandigarh, Sector 17- What All’s There

While I was scrolling through the market of Sector 17, Chandigarh, I found myself attracted to one of the magnificent gift stores, The Emerge Store. Although it is a small store, yet its interior design is impeccable. With the best train station inspired interior, Emerge store situated on the edge of the market in Sector 17 (Chandigarh), is one of the best stores for those, who are hunting for the different and unique gift items for their friends, family and loved ones.

With the remarkable and artistic aura in the Emerge store (Chandigarh), you will also find some mind-blowing gift items that are never seen before. Starting from the remarkable and art reflecting ash trays to an extraordinary diary, t-shirts, and decorative designs, everything available here is picked with the keen artistic eye. The best part about Chandigarh’s Emerge store, apart from its interior, is the price range of the items available here.

Interior of Emerge Store (Gift Shop) in Chandigarh

The interior of the store is what had a magnetic effect on me. No ravishing interior, no classy couches, and no fine paints, Emerge store of Sector 17 is designed to be different and to stand out. Given an adequate touch of funky appearance, the store entrance has a bold EMERGE board that is followed by the stairs made of rot chained iron on its left, giving the feeling of an old huge ship as you see in movies. A speed breaker in the entrance of ground floor gives this double story store amazing “on the road” touch.

The walls of Emerge store (Chandigarh) is painted on as the streets you see in Hollywood movies, where artists display their art. This is the one store that I find most attractive of all.

Emerge Store Sector 17 is in your budget

Entering the Emerge Store, Chandigarh, I assumed that the items it is selling must be highly priced but, once I scrolled through the items I found it extremely in the budget. You will find the wide collection of gift items like an exclusive range of funky jars, cups, mugs, ashtrays, Diaries, Paintings, clothing, etc. With the vibrant skull shaped items, you can easily find a perfect gift for a guy. You can also grab some exclusive decorative pieces in this store. The best part of these items is that they are not expensive.

So, if you are looking for the store in Chandigarh to buy some unique, funky range of gift items, Emerge store has it all. So, do visit once and I promise, you will find the store named Emerge worth it in Chandigarh. Gift your friends and loved ones something different and worth remembering from the Emerge Store, Sector 17, Chandigarh.


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