End of 7th Pay commission | Pay commission powers to be given to Department of expenditure in 2018

7th Pay commission is supposedly going to be the last pay commission in the country. The Pay Commission has been handling the salary structure of the central government employees since the independence. As per the word from some reliable sources, the government is planning to end the system of Pay Commission. According to some reliable media reports, the 7th Pay commission will be the last pay commission appointed by the government to handle the salaries and pension of government employees.

No 8th Pay Commission After 7th Pay commission 

There are many sources from the financial department of government who hinted that they are planning on ending the Pay commission system of the country. Since the independence of the country, seven pay commissions have been formulated to keep a check on the salaries of government employees and pensioners. In light of recent events, 7th CPC has been really busy this year. Recently, the recommendation of the minimum pay hike by 7th pay commission has been under process and might be the last recommendation that 7th pay commission will make.

End of 7th Pay commission, Department of Expenditure to hold Salaries 

The hints of 7th pay commission to be the last pay commission in the country have caused a state of curiosity among the central government employees and pensioners. After the end of pay commission, the government is planning to give the responsibility of monitoring the salaries of all the government employees and pensioners to the department of expenditure. Also, there is a word from the government that from next year the salaries will be incremented on the basis of Dearness Allowance. After the end of 7th Pay commission, the salaries of the employees will increase when DA rises to 50 percent.

The Department of Expenditure to Review Salaries Regularly After end of 7th Pay Commission

The rumor has been spreading all over the internet that the government is planning to end the pay commission system after 7th pay commission. The decision has not been officialized but the hints of giving the Department of expenditure the responsibility of reviewing the salaries on regular basis rather than after 10 years of tenure.

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