Everything Today Gets The Hype on Internet Without Truth! But, Gopal Dutt Vashisht Loves to Investigate Things & Comes With Real Truth on his Page Called “Did You Know The Fact Pro” on Instagram

We are witnessing a different kind of social media star called Gopal DuttVashisht, he is just 20 and studying Engineering at BhagwanParshuram Institute of Technology. He is having a page on Instagram which is very influential due to his post. His posts are new, trending and refreshing too. He posts news of worldwide.

He knows the value of a social media platform. So he investigates the viral news which he gets from his friends and followers and then comes up with the exact news on his page. Which is commendable at his age students remain busy with their Girlfriends, and he is intentionally or unknowingly doing a fantastic job by posting the right news and some refreshing news on his page.

Gopal’s page “The fact pro” on Instagram is very famous, all thanks to his beautiful and real posts. He has more than 886k followers in just 3 years’ time. His page is getting popular with rapid pace. This is what we call the power of social media, people love to join new things on social media, and this page is the perfect example of it.

The work which he does is of media but, I feel Gopal is a 21st-century guy who likes to know the truth by his own and present to all without any makeup.

We are living in a time were people likes to spread bias or false news on social media without understanding their responsibility towards society.

Gopal DuttVashisht is an example which every young student should follow. Every student who uses mobiles and internet should stop sending false news and should start a new trend of Right news like we see in “the fact pro”. Gopal is doing an excellent job by putting good news on his page and because of this, he is becoming more popular. Displaying truth is important, and that too gives you fame.

He has come up with a different idea on his page called showcase your talent. He is getting an excellent response to it. So many people are eager to post their story and become famous through his page. Gopal believes by making this he want to convey a message to all try to post it right and fresh things on your page it will work for sure. By this, he is also supporting talent by giving them a bigger platform via his page which is also a great thing to do. He will get two advantages from it (1) He will get extra users to his page (2) He will provide many new things to his followers with his new idea.

There is nothing wrong about becoming become recognized by giving the right news. This new trend of Gopal will inspire lots of people to post the right things on their respective social pages. We wish all the best to this young super talent. He is the talent who will inspire people for many things with his page “the fact pro” on Instagram.


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