Exam Dumps: A Beneficial Tool in Securing a Variety of Microsoft MTA and Fundamentals Certifications

The best way to grow your IT career is by getting certified. And if you’re contemplating what’s best for your profession, check out Microsoft’s in-demand MTA and Fundamental certification programs. Microsoft credentials are practical investments to your career, which will eventually lead you to a successful professional journey. It gives you a clearer path to follow and a validation that provides you with a stable IT job. So, if you would like to enter the IT industry with a bang, a Microsoft certification will be your guide to success.

An impeccable place to commence your IT career

Microsoft is a real top IT company. They have everything you need, from noteworthy products to impressive services. And for their entry-level certification program, they welcome you to their extensive selection of fundamental accreditations. Actually, they now have two entry point programs: MTA and Fundamental certifications.

If you’re wondering why there are two curriculums, well, Microsoft now provides a technical certification program. This new range of credentials concentrates on your technical skills, which means it will be much easier to choose your career path. But of course, even with the retirement of most MCSA and MCSE endorsement, the current or MTA platform is not yet completely phased off because it’s still considered relevant. It has plenty of IT specializations to prepare you for a challenging IT world.

A collection of MTA certifications

For the MTA certification track, you have several options at hand. These popular assessments supply you with the essential knowledge to get you ready for a more technical responsibility. The MTA certification exams are created so that you acquire the needed foundational concepts of a specific IT field. There are more than 10 MTA exams offered, including:

  • Exam 98-349: Windows Operating System
  • Exam 98-361: Software Development
  • Exam 98-364: Database
  • Exam 98-365: Windows Server Administration
  • Exam 98-366: Networking
  • Exam 98-367: Security
  • Exam 98-368: Mobility and Devices
  • Exam 98-375: HTML5 Application Development
  • Exam 98-381: Python Programming
  • Exam 98-382: JavaScript Programming
  • Exam 98-383: HTML and CSS Programming
  • Exam 98-388: Java Programming

Choose from the above-listed exams and you’ll be awarded with an MTA credential. One thing to note is that even if MTA exams are entry-level accreditations, these are not considered as prerequisites to the MCSA or even MCSE/MCSD programs. This means that you can take various MCSA and MCSE/MCSD cert exams even without an MTA. However, as most cert experts would suggest, it’s best to equip yourself first with fundamental technical knowledge before you jump into the associate level.

Also, there’s a high probability that these MTA cert exams will be fully traded with the new technical validations. So, if you want to have an MTA certification, you should decide as soon as possible for you to have extra preparation time.

A list of Fundamental certifications

If you think that the MTA certification exams aren’t the right match for you, relax because there are other entry-level credentials. Introducing the fundamental certifications from Microsoft’s new technical track! This consists of role-centered validations that are ideal for those who want to accurately develop their technical proficiency.

Since this is a freshly released program, there are still a few fundamental certifications on offer. These are as follows:

  • Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals (Exam AZ-900)
  • Microsoft 365 Certified Fundamentals (Exam MS-900)
  • Microsoft Certified Power Platform Fundamentals (Exam PL-900)
  • Microsoft Certified: Dynamics 365 Fundamentals (Exam MB-901)

In the coming months or so, more technical exams will be introduced to replace the older ones. This transition is to guarantee that all your training and certification badges are always up-to-date with the changes in the industry.

First-rate exam references for a fruitful certification attempt

Using the right materials has a great impact on your certification exam. Therefore, you need to be meticulous in picking the exam resources so you’ll have a successful exam. To start with, the official materials provided by Microsoft are such a pivotal reference for any MTA or Fundamental test. These are, of course, highly advantageous because these follow the official exam content. Some of the authorized Microsoft materials include the online courses, prep videos, classroom training, practice tests, and exam refs.

Excellent supplementary exam materials

If you really want to be successful on your first try, you better add some exam dumps on your list. For the best dumps on the market, you have PrepAway.biz. This website is truly heaven-sent because it offers not just paid exam files but also free dumps to try. Their exam dumps smoothly work using the ETE Exam Simulator, which means you also have to download this one aside from their ete files.

Utilizing exam dumps is highly similar to answering mock exams. Dumps consist of questions as well as answers from real people who have taken the test. Therefore, what you get here isn’t just materials to polish your technical abilities but also an overview of what the exam looks like. However, it’s important that you just make use of dumps once you’ve covered every exam topic. To add more, you gain skills to tackle various types of exam questions and develop your time management skills as well. So, know that they are used as a tool to check your level of readiness, not as your primary exam reference. 


Crafting your career isn’t an easy task. It’s even quite intimidating because of the non-stop trends and technologies involving the industry. But you can always stay afloat the competition with a Microsoft credential. Whatever you choose, whether the current MTA or the new Fundamental certifications, you are assured of a bright IT career ahead! So, give your best shot when preparing for the exams and earn an impeccable badge that you’d be proud of!

Pass your exams by using the most reliable study materials, and include exam dumps from PrepAway as well.


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