Excuse Me – Jass Bajwa Ft. Deep Jandu | New Punjabi Song – Official Video

Jass Bajwa is back with another collaboration with Deep Jandu for his new song Excuse Me. The urban trippy new song has us hooked and we just thought we’ll spread the word about it.

How is the new song Excuse me by Jass Bajwa and Deep Jandu:

Jass Bajwa never fails to connect with the youth of Punjab and this time he has done it again with Excuse Me. The uber cheesy new song has an urban beat and minimalistic lyrics to connect to the millenials. The thing we love about Deep Jandu is he brings a refreshing beat to all his songs and Excuse me by Jass Bajwa is no different. Jass bajwa seems to have found a consistent working partner in Deep Jandu as it is his third outing with the musician this year.

Excuse Me does not go all deep and is just another shallow attempt at a guy chasing girl scenario. All in all the new song is peppy and will find a place in a young man’s car. The new song Excuse Me by Jass Bajwa can be downloaded or streamed on all major streaming services like Saavn, Apple Music, and Spotify by clicking ‘here‘.

Video of Excuse me by Jass Bajwa and Deep Jandu:

We have an abundance of guy chasing girl videos in the Punjabi industry where cars happen to be the centre of the attraction somehow. Jass Bajwa’s Excuse Me is just that but a little more adorable. Deep Jandu does not appear in the video which left us a little disappointed. The video of Excuse Me is directed by the famous Sukh Sanghera himself. The video of Excuse Me starts with Jass Bajwa in his manned up car with his dog chasing a beautiful girl and being obsessed with her soon after.

The model Preetixo looks ravishing and the D.O.P. makes her stills look even better. The girl then later shares a cup of coffee with Jass Bajwa by re-enacting an earlier sequence in the song Excuse Me by dipping the biscuit into it. The video is adorable and Jass Bajwa and Preetixo look ravishing. With the usual list of cars and accessories Sukh also managed to keep the style game on point in Excuse Me.

Check out the video of the new song Excuse me by Jass Bajwa and Deep Jandu below:


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