Facebook complaints top cyber crime list in Chandigarh

Cyber crime is a serious offence in India

Cyber crime has grown with the growth of social media and youngsters of our city Chandigarh are no less when it comes to committing cyber crime. To deal with increasing cyber crime complaints, Indian govt. had formed cyber laws under the Information Technology Act, 2000. Chandigarh Police has a special cyber cell which deal with cyber crime complaints and the experts in this department have handled every complaint in a very serious and professional manner.

You may know more about cyber laws in India by visiting: http://deity.gov.in/content/cyber-laws-security

The number of Cyber crime cases registered with Chandigarh Police

What people complained about?

Most complaints received by the cyber cell Chandigarh were that of the social networking website – Facebook. The main complaint area was that of creating fake profiles along with obscene posts and pictures.

However the second largest number of complaints were received for debit and credit card scams. These complaints include calls made to a user and asking for ATM pin along with ATM card cloning cases.

Other complaints received by the Cyber Cell Chandigarh included hacking of email accounts, lottery scams and online employment frauds. A total of 1100 complaints have been registered.

How Cyber Cell Chandigarh Works?

The cyber cell Chandigarh directly falls under Chandigarh Police. Chandigarh cyber cell works in close connection with various other cyber cells not just in India, but from across the world. The source of the computer or mobile phone from which the crime was done can be accessed easily from the IP address in accordance with the internet connection you use. The team at Chandigarh Cyber cell said that out of 400 complaints received only 30 were pending for further investigation. In case of Facebook complaints, the cyber crime team mostly makes the 2 parties reach a compromise where the criminal is made to delete the fake profile or posts.

A cyber crime is considered to be a serious crime and people have been sent to police custody depending on the nature of crime.

Source: Hindustan Time (Chandigarh Edition)


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