Facebook Brings Snooze Feature to Unfollow a Friend for 30 days | Know How to Use Snooze Feature

Are you tired of your friends posting too many pictures of them whom you cant even unfriend? Now Facebook introduces a new feature Snooze to help you in such situations. The Snooze feature offers you much control on your news feed. The Facebook snooze feature will let you unfollow a friend, group or page for a period of 30 days. After a period of 30 days, you will start following the friend, page or group you unfollowed automatically. The most interesting thing is that your friends will not even know that you had unfollowed them.

Facebook Snooze Feature Offers More Control Over Your News Feed

Facebook has notified in its blog that “One of our news feed values include offering people more control”. The Social media giant has introduced the Snooze feature in line with the same aim it is looking to achieve. The feature will help you to have control over the posts you want to see and get rid of posts you don’t want to see in your news feed. With the new Snooze feature, you don’t need to unfriend a friend or unfollow a page or leave a group permanently.

Where to find the Facebook Snooze Feature

Facebook started to test the Snooze feature this year in September and has introduced it now. The social media giant will make the feature available to all users within a few days. Users who have not yet got the Snooze feature, Facebook may offer it to them within a week or so.

Users can look for the snooze button next to the unfollow button, right next to the name of a person, page or group. You can select the snooze button from the drop-down menu of a post and you will not see the posts from that person, page or group for next 30 days.The social media giant also offers you the option to reverse the action anytime. Also, you will be notified as the snooze time is about to end.

Earlier, in this year Facebook brought the features like hiding, unfollow, report and see first for the users to have more control over their news feed. The social media giant says that it will continue to bring more tools to offer its users a more personalized experience while using Facebook.

Source: indiatoday.intoday.in


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