Facebook Launches Messenger Lite in India & Here’s Why You Should Care

A few months ago  Facebook launched a lite version of Messenger called Messenger Lite but that time it was not available for the users in India. And now the organization has, at last, conveyed it to India and it is Called Facebook  Messenger Lite.The application is currently accessible for Android cell phones users in the nation by means of Google Play.

This lite version is as same as the Facebook Lite application. This app is aimed at the people who are still using entry level smartphones. Moreover, the application is enhanced to work on at moderate Internet networks, so that no usage issue arise in using the Facebook Messenger Lite on Entry level smartphone. This will also save the memory of users’ phone.

The size of Messenger Lite application is below 10MB, contrasted with the standard Messenger application on Android which runs above of 40MB, and the iOS application, which is more than a 300MB download. Like Facebook Lite, Messenger Lite is not accessible for iPhone clients.

Messenger Lite application offers the vast majority of the components that you anticipate from the customary application. It will let you send content, photographs, links, emojis, and stickers. Not at all like Facebook Lite, which considered India to be one of the dispatch markets, the social media giant took as much time as necessary in conveying the Messenger Lite application to the nation. It was first revealed in October a year ago for five selected areas.

Difference Between Facebook Messenger and Facebook Lite Messenger

  1. Facebook Lite Messenger comes with small size, which will use less storage while Messenger comes with large size.
  2. Lite Messenger will use less RAM while Messenger uses more.
  3. It can be used in all budget entry-level smartphones while Messenger is not easy to use on these phones.
  4. Messenger Lite application can be easily used in all type of network.

How to download Facebook Messenger Lite Version on your phone

If you are using an entry level smartphone and won’t be able to download Messenger then this app is for you. Now you can also connect with your friends with Facebook Messenger Lite Application.

  1.  Open Play Store on your phone.
  2. Search for “Messenger Lite”
  3. You will find it with a white messenger icon. In Messenger the icon is blue and in Lite Messenger icon is white.
  4. Install it and start chatting with your friends.

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