Now, Facebook India Will Help You Recognize Fake News in Your Feed

Facebook is all set with its new button in India, that will people to recognize fake news. Social media platform, Facebook that helped people around the World to connect with each other, will now prevent people from the fuzzy news. Most people in India spread the fake news over the facebook, but now it will be possible for the people in India to differentiate between fake & real news over the social media.

After initiating a social cause like blood donation, Facebook India is once again all set for a big project that helps people to find out whether the news is true or false. And Facebook has already started working on the same, soon it has been expected to get started in India as well.

Facebook India to help recognize people about Fake news

Facebook has started with the testing phase of the fake button for the users that will allow them to keep a tap on fake news. Facebook users in India will get a chance to access additional information regarding the story like- about the story source, or from the place from where the news article has been pulled off and some more information regarding the similar stories being shared across the Facebook.

The same button of Facebook will also enable Indian users to get detailed information on the fake news by following their page, trending articles/related article and even how the news have been shared on the social media. After the news got aimed as fake news, Facebook will easily be able to eliminate it from being spread.

Reason to take such a step by Facebook India

Although there are millions of Facebook users in India and a lil panicky news spread in a second with just one click that creates havoc like situation. From last few years, social media platform have been into news where only one small fake news took over the life of many not only in India but also around the World. To prevent from more such chaos, Facebook has taken the step to keep a tap on news that has been shared by any of the users in India. So that they can help people to get real news and prevent them for grabbed by fake new via Facebook.

Source: TOI


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