Faisal Khan’s Journey From College Student to a Known Fitness Model of Delhi/NCR

There are always those people who don’t fit into the box and want to do something big. Faisal Khan is one such inspiration to those who want to make a difference. Being a fitness freak, he always dreamed of being a model and has successfully accomplished his dream. He gives the credit to his family who, he says has always supported him in his journey.

Faisal Khan had always been interested in sports and bodybuilding. He wanted to be a bodybuilder or fitness trainer. But before entering in this field he wanted to gather more information or knowledge about fitness or fitness training. His coach Mohit Hasija helped him out by giving him knowledge and training.

Faisal took years to achieve his goal: getting into shape, honing his skills as a trainer, and learning all he could talk about health and nutrition. He faced many hardships, which made him want to give up on several occasions, but he never did.

After years of hard work, Faisal Khan is now running his gym successfully and has a huge fan following on social media. He inspires people with his story and encourages them to follow their dreams and not society’s norms.

Faisal Khan had also joined the bodybuilding show ‘Musclemania,’ one of India’s biggest fitness shows, where builders from all over India come to show their skill. He was among the top 10 finalists. This show was a kick to start his career where he learned how to be confident and realized that there is a lot that he has to achieve yet.

In addition to his success at these events, Faisal has also made his mark on the social media landscape. His Instagram account has over 48,000 followers who learn from him every day and get inspiration from his posts. Faisal Khan’s account serves as a model for what can be accomplished when one combines hard work and dedication with a solid social media presence.


Ajay Deep

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