Farhan Akhtar Becomes The First Owner Of Vespa RED In India

Farhan Akhtar has become the proud owner of the first Piaggio Vespa Red in the country that was launched yesterday in India. The scooter –  Piaggio Vespa Red was launched by Farhan Akhtar in Mumbai and he also owned the first Piaggio Vespa Red as the scooter supports a social cause to fight AIDS.

Farhan Akhtar the proud owner of the first Piaggio Vespa Red

Piaggio launched the Vespa Red in India as part of its partnership with RED. The company is also committed to the fight against AIDS across the world. The scooter, with its partnership with RED was launched by Actor, director, singer, producer Farhan Akhtar. In fact, Farhan Akhtar is the first person in India to own the first Vespa Red.

Both Vespa as well as RED are prestigious and highly respected brands in the world. The brands have joined forces to leave a better world for future generations. What helped the collaboration of these two companies is the same values coupled with the common vision that they share.

Farhan Akhtar also launched the Vespa Red

Farhan Akhtar who launched Vespa Red in India stated that he supports the cause that is being represented by the Vespa and Red collaboration. Farhan Akhtar further stated that he is privileged to launch the initiative in India. A proud owner of the first Piaggio Vespa Red, Farhan Akhtar added that he is honoured to be a part of this endeavour initiated by Vespa and Red to fight to end AIDS here in India.

Farhan Akhtar launches Vespa Red to support a social cause 

Both the partners are thrilled with the ongoing partnership. It was stated that it is for the first time that Piaggio has collaborated with someone to raise money to support the critical work of the Global Fund in India.

The Piaggio Vespa Red that was launched in India by Farhan Akhtar is beautiful not just because of the striking red colour that it gets, or the great design that displays Piaggio’s master craftsmanship, but also because of the best feature of the best of the Vespa Red, that it is the supporting a cause and that is fighting AIDS.


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