Fashionable Maternity Outfits for Various Occasions

There are several maternity outfits that an Indian woman can wear and still look opulent and fashionable. Since while on your maternity period you still carry on with day to day activities such as running errands, going to the gym or yoga class, going to working and also everyday wear at home. The maternity outfits for Indian women should be comfortable and representable. Although many changes happen to a woman during pregnancy from a change of hormones, discomfort, adding weight, among others that are a nightmare. Here are some of the clothes that you can pair up or opt to buy for your maternity and not look as if you are suffering from a wardrobe malfunction. On the other hand, these outfits will ensure you can look trendy and fashionable. Yet, comfortable as you attend parties, weddings, go to work and even attend to your exercise routine until you are due. 

T-shirts and coats 

First and foremost, comfort comes first and the rest second. Hence you can never go wrong with a T-shirt and a coat over it. This is comfy and free to give room to your growing bump. A throw over a t-shirt is chic and cozy and ensure it covers your body well. Having a coat such as of denim fabric to pair with is an awesome look for grocery shopping or hanging out with friends. A coat is necessary for your maternity wardrobe especially in cold months to stay warm for yourself and the baby. Have styled coats in various colors to alternate over an outfit and bring out your trendy fashion side. A coat blends well with everything and when paired with the right accessories. Dressing to boyfriends shirts as well are trendy too and adding on a coat over it is a simple and inexpensive way to dress your pregnancy.

Daily wear 

As you go along with your pregnancy period, say bye to heels and have flats shoes as your new go-to footwear. In the same way, a lot of your fashion choices for attires to wear do change as well. It is crucial to plan for outfits for everyday wear for your tummy grows every day. there are many you can opt for such as Salwar Kameez, Sarees to bump jeans and sweaters for they are easy-going, airy and comfortable. Additionally, a long Kurtis with front cut with leggings or loose trousers are a beautiful choice for outings and night outs as well. It is nice also to wear during the summer for it light and easy to move around in.

Maternity Gym wear

 A woman who is an exercise enthusiast still feels the need to exercise even when they are pregnant. However, it should be according to the doctor’s recommendation if they can do light exercises and yoga. There is the right gym wear for pregnant women that is comfortable and can be found in your daily wardrobe. Interestingly, these pieces are soft leggings, a sports bra, and a sleeveless t-shirt or crop top is a good go for your workout session. These exercises are of great advantage for the quality of sleep and the quantity of sleep too. Also, it keeps frustration and stress hormones at bay as you the endorphin or happy hormones do rise after your exercise.

Maternity photoshoot outfits 

Having a maternity shoot is emerging in today’s society. Now they can have one with their belly cast being made and one that the mother dresses up with the husband. Many women are now comfortable with showing off their pregnant bodies on camera to remember their journey for their bundle of joy. Long flowy dresses work perfectly for this shoot for they are light, comfortable and easy to pose in. Have a princess flowy dress or an elegant Anarkali maternity dress will not disappoint. You can have the ones in your wardrobe and alter them slightly to use them for the photoshoot. The beauty of this ethnic outfit is that after the photo shoot you can go out and celebrate or attend a party later.

Wedding outfits 

Are you invited to a wedding and you are pregnant? Worry no more. There is various wedding maternity wear that will make you look beautiful even in your oversized pregnant body. Hence do not shy away and adorn in the long spacious frock style dresses and look stylish in your pregnancy. This is a popular piece among Bollywood celebrities and has inspired the use of fashionable frocks for maternity wear to still maintain your fashion A-game. The saree is also a popular choice for weddings for you can drape it with ease for your pregnant body. It evokes a lot of grace and fashion to a pregnant woman’s style. And the only thing you have to consider if it’s a wardrobe saree you are wearing is a new blouse that will fit and flow with your body changes. Anyhow a saree lover cannot be kept away from her saree even in pregnancy.

Baby shower dresses 

Indian culture always carries out baby showers. A mother to be in the Indian culture always is prepared for new clothes by friends and relatives before she delivers. As you wear your bridal mom-to-be sashay have a beautiful outfit underneath to blend it well. Cotton and chiffon fabrics are the best for such an occasion to enjoy yourself to the fullest. Maxi dresses are a favorite for most mothers and a saree jumpsuit or dhoti jumpsuit that cover the bump properly are great choices to wear and put a sashay over them.  Dhoti jumpsuit is fashionable and trendy and after delivery, they are still perfect attire to wear since you can adjust them with ease. You can also wear palazzos since they are straight and spacious to ensure that you are comfortable at your baby shower. Palazzos are also good since they can be worn after the pregnancy with different tops, kurtas and give you a decent outfit multiple times. Enjoy dressing for your maternity in many different traditional attires.


Shrutika Potwar

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