13 Reasons Why Ferdinand Monoyer Still Rules The World Even After 181 Years

In high esteem and honour to Ferdinand Monoyer – the man who invented eye check up, Google has doodled its eyes on the internet interface of it with its users all over the world today. To pay obeisance and honour his work in the field of opthalmology, Google shows a dedicated doodle on its page today to create awareness about Ferdinand Monoyer in a jiffy to millions of users in the world.

The winking eyes in the form of two “oo’s” of the word Google, it is innovative, educative and informative at the same time. Hats off in paying respect via such a huge and massive digital media platform. On the auspicious occasion of 181st birthday of the legend Ferdinand Monoyer, Google today wished him birthday in an “out of the box” move taken up by it today.

About Ferdinand Monoyer

Ferdinand Monoyer was born on May 9, 1836 to a Alsatian Mother and a French father in France who invented the Monoyer’s chart which is widely used to check the visual acuity around the globe. Here’s what all you need to know about his life, family, education etc. Ferdinand Monoyer invented the Monoyer’s chart used by optometrists around the globe for eye testing procedures till date. He served as associate professor, Director and then professor of faculty of medicine in various leading universities of his times and did justice to his job and field of education with a major breakthrough by cirtue of his research work. He died at the age of 76 on July 11,1912.

Here are 13 reasons why he rules the world till date

  1. The chart was developed around 100 years ago from now and still rules the world of opthalmology
  2. The chart has Monoyer’s name when it’s read vertically upwards from bottom to top
  3. His name on the chart is innovative as it is scribbled in large to small sized alphabets
  4. In 1872, Ferdinand Monoyer invented the unit of measurement “Dioptre”
  5. The measurement unit is still widely adopted in power optical lenses and curved mirrors
  6. The corrected vision is measured using this unit called “Diopter” which can be algebraically added for ease of computations
  7. Also, right from testing to curing, his inventions are standard benchmarks which are unchanged even after a century and a half
  8. 145 year old technology and means to do visual testing using Monoyer’s chart still rules the world.
  9. Monoyer’s charts are the most effective, easiest and efficient ways of eye testing
  10. Each row depicted on the Monoyer’s chart represents a different diopter, from smallest to the largest
  11. Ferdinand Monoyer caliberrated and performed computations in relating two majorly different aspects Distance with vision, which is amazing
  12. His charts clearly adopt that strategy to measure distance from the texted version in order to see things distinctively
  13. Ferdinand Monoyer left a mark in the world of medicine and sciences which is undisputed till date even after technological advancements over a century

Revolutionary Evolution in the eye-world

The revolutionary means that Ferdinand Monoyer created still features onto every wall of opticians around the globe. The best part about it, we say, it is undisputed like other technological developments of those times are now with the modern technology and advancements in the various fields have occurred in the research field.

Such men like Ferdinand Monoyer rarely take birth in the world who leave a mark and enjoy an undisputed respect and popularity with their achievements that last not only their lifetimes but beyond!

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