Festive Fashion Tips: Check Out These 5 Saree Designs to Rock Your Festive Look

The festive season is finally here! And it’s brought with it the joy of dressing up. Playing dress-up and dolling yourself up for a special occasion is an ultimate stress-buster, isn’t it? And especially after a prolonged period of apprehensions and uncertainty, this festive season calls for something special. 

Even though staying at home and enjoying intimate celebrations has become our new normal, it doesn’t mean that you should hold back while dressing up. In fact, bringing out your A-Game can make you feel much better and help you get in the festive spirit. 

While there are a bunch of ethnic styles that you can opt for to ace your festive desi looks, nothing beats the beautiful saree designs. Sarees are a desi fashionista’s best friend. These nine yards of elegance are designed to bring out your sophisticated side and give you a timeless, classic look. 

The markets are flooded with a plethora of stunning sari designs that are perfect for all your festive functions. Let’s check out a few of these latest saree designs that should be a part of your festive closet. 

  • Silk Sari Designs

Silk saris are one of the most graceful sari designs that have been a part of women’s festive wardrobes for many generations. They are often passed on as heirlooms and carry a gorgeous, traditional vibe. Silk saris usually come with stunning zari embroideries, which complements their inherent sheen and make them perfect for parties and special occasions. 

  • Net Sari Designs 

Want to add a touch of glam to your desi looks? Opt for net saris. Net is a sheer, stiff fabric that drapes like a dream. Net saris are great for night events and come with a bunch of different embroideries and embellishments. In addition, these saris are easy to style and carry, which makes them a great option for first-time wearers. 

  • Cotton Sari Designs 

If you’re looking for a comfortable, laid-back sari design for your intimate celebration, look no further than a cotton sari. Cotton is an incredibly breathable and lightweight fabric, great for when you want to entertain your guests and dance the night away. Cotton saris are available in many beautiful colours and styles, and you can pick the one that suits your taste. 

  • Chiffon Sari Designs

Live your Bollywood dream with chiffon saris. These lightweight, flowy saris give you ultimate comfort while also making you look like a million bucks. Go for printed chiffon saris for intimate day functions, or opt for embellished options to glam up at night. 

  • Khadi Sari Designs

Are you after that modish indie look? Khadi sari designs are perfect for you. Subdued hues and minimalist patterns, khadi saris symbolize understated elegance, making these saris a great pick for everyday wear and special occasions. 

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