Fiat Chrysler May Partner With Hyundai | Focus On Hydrogen Vehicles

The automotive industry is going through a series of changes and every car manufacturer is trying to make sure they don’t get left far behind. According to sources Fiat Chrysler Automobiles are in talks with Korean giant Hyundai to co-develop vehicles powered with alternative fuels. Fiat which already has electric cars in its line up may be looking to partner up with Hyundai to rely on its advancements in the hydrogen powered vehicles.

Fiat and Hyundai may join hands to share their technologies

Fiat Chrysler and Hyundai partnership comes at a time when most major manufacturers in the Indian country are looking to share their advancements in vehicles powered by alternative fuels. While companies like Ford and Mahindra, and Maruti Suzuki and Toyota have partnered to bring electric vehicles in the Indian subcontinent, Fiat and Hyundai are looking to co develop hydrogen powered vehicles globally.

Rising pollution levels in the world have alarmed the governments of major countries to look for alternatives to petrol and diesel powered vehicles and countries like India have already declared that only electric vehicles will be sold in the country after 2030. In order to stay ahead of the game Fiat and Hyundai will focus on the development of vehicles with alternative fuels and not on electric vehicles like Indian manufacturers.

The two companies will develop technologies to for hydrogen vehicles which includes the development of transmissions as well. While Fiat had backed out of the development of hydrogen powered vehicles around ten years ago, it now want to partner up with Hyundai who is already looking to launch its first hydrogen driven SUV by next year.

Fiat and Hyundai will not work on electric vehicles

If the reports of a partnership between the two companies turn out to be true then Fiat and Hyundai will be looking to work together on future technologies apart from electric vehicles. Hyundai already supplies components and transmissions to a majority of market in the United States and if the partnership with Fiat is successful it will be looking to increase its markets share globally. Hyundai is already looking to launch a hydrogen powered SUV by the end of 2019.

Source: Bloomerg

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