Fictional Gambling in Video Games!

What a great selection of games is there online! It is a great discovery and thrill for a gambler to come across video games and try out novelties in fictional gambling. This and more are available through online casino affiliate programs that disclose a tremendous world to spectacular games.

Many successful gamblers have gone through a long way to lead the top position. They have formed their skills by getting started with online gaming. The presence of a fictional form of gambling within video games makes the player’s experience more breathtaking and enticing. Gradually, they can come closer to the main fictional video game by gaining points in a mini-game. For instance, in the game «Space Quest: The Sarien Encounter» a mini version of slots is found to help the hero, Roger Wilco (imaginative by the player), win a great deal of money. Otherwise, he will be zapped by the laser beam.

The Legend of the Mystical Ninja

This video game is considered quite old since its release in 1992 but is still a firm favorite by reviewers. The game is featured by a nice storyline, fighting against evil, rescuing a princess, and all usual fairy-tale components. But what makes it unique is the offers for players to partake in air hockey, dice games, and lottery, which are kind of mini-games within a major fictional game.

This game is reported as one of the greatest, and its great attention paid by players is fixed in the 2010 book «101 Video Games you must play before you die».

Red Dead Redemption

This type of video game is more sophisticated than the previous one. It also allows the players to stop at some stages of the game and try out other casino games like poker or blackjack for what they will be rewarded. This game has gained popularity since 2010 and was released for Playstation 3 and Xbox. It looks more attractive by graphics, but the storyline is not simplified as it can be in other video games.

Consumers in the modern world prefer video games with elements of fictional gambling to straight video games. Such a mixture only spices the player’s excitement and empowers him to earn some money or other stuff by playing additional casino games in it. Compared to simple attacking and killing scenes, the presence of gambling mini-games allows the player to relax a bit and gather his strength to continue the combat.


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