Find Out What StyleCaret Founders Do To Market Their Online Store Effectively

StyleCaret is a famous online fashion store that continues to grow and receive great awards. The reason why this online fashion store continues to stand out among the rest is because of the marketing efforts that the founders make. Ever since Akhilesh Singh and Neekee Singh established this business, they have been paying attention to how they market it to increase sales and build a strong brand. 

Since these two founders understand the competitive nature of the fashion industry, they strive to offer great content to their target audience. Since the industry is all about presenting visual products, entrepreneurs have to be creative with the content they display. The founders of StyleCaret understand this and therefore create high-quality content around the garments that they offer. 

They also know that online shoppers like buying with their eyes. For this reason, you can identify the different aspects that the official site includes. For instance, StyleCaret makes use of videos and style tips for engaging more customers. These elements allow customers to remain on the website for longer, even when they had no intention of buying anything. 

If you look at the website, you will also notice that the founders of StyleCaret use active social media platforms. This marketing strategy makes it easy for them to retain existing customers and even gain new ones. They understand their target audience and therefore choose social media platforms based on that. Since StyleCaret promotes garments for young ladies and gents, they encourage their clients to follow them on Instagram, which is mostly used by young people. 

Since they also sell clothes for the older generation, they encourage such clients to follow them on Facebook, which is famous among the older generation. Understanding their target audience has made it easy for StyleCaret to meet the needs of every potential client. Siblings also talk about their brand values. This enables them to portray what their fashion store stands for. It enables customers to identify with them and choose StyleCaret over the rest of the brands. 

Instead of coming up with a fake story for PR purposes, the company’s leaders show the real human face of StyleCaret. This makes it easy for leads to like the brand and convent into loyal customers. On the website, they dedicate a section where they explain who they are and what they are all about. This is a good marketing strategy that has proven to be effective. In the process of selling sarees, StyleCaret shows the authenticity of its products to gain people’s trust. 

Positioning your brand well is the key to succeeding in the online fashion industry. This is a secret that Akhilesh Singh and Neekee Singh know too well. Lifestyle positioning can determine how fast an online fashion store can generate traffic. That is why at StyleCaret, the founders state who every design is meant for. Associating different designs with specific personas makes it easy for online businesses to reach a particular target group. 

When clients know what they can expect from your store, it leads to high conversions. You may even notice some strong graphic language used at StyleCaret. Instead of focusing on new collections only, the company does not run out of essentials. If you want to replace some essentials in your wardrobe, StyleCaret always has your back. Being reliable is a brilliant retention strategy that StyleCaret implements. 

Unlike offline shops, online fashion stores can benefit from data collection. Akhilesh Singh and Neekee Singh take their time to monitor customers’ behavior and tailor marketing based on that. For instance, they collect data on their loyal customer’s sizes to customize their options in the future. This makes clients feel that the company understands their needs and is ready to help at any time.


Shrutika Potwar

Shrutika is full-time SEO Analyst and on-the-side blogger. She has 2 years of experience in the IT sector. She is working at a fashion e-commerce portal in India. She loves to write and share about Fashion, Lifestyle and Technology and many more categories in her spare time.
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