Finding the Best Bird Deterrent To Keep Them Off Your Lawn

Finding the best bird repellent for keeping our feathered friends off of your lawn is not always easy.

Birds can be a real hazard if they ever decide they want to invade your yard. It is extremely annoying when they start pooping all over your valued furniture and cherished ornaments.

To dissuade them, look at the best bird deterrent here. You will find numerous deterrents and repellents in a variety of different styles. They will all work to scare away troublesome birds.

They are all humane and no harm will come to the birds or any other wildlife that enters your yard.

There are numerous ways that you can keep birds away from your valued plants. For a start, you could throw a party! You could have loads of scary balloons, some balls painted with menacing faces.

To keep pesky nibblers at bay, try placing inverted crates or even disposable cups who have had their bottoms cut out, over the most vulnerable of your seedlings.

Chicken wire can usefully be laid over your seedbeds. As the seedlings grow, you can raise this wire slightly by using bricks or boards.) Some intrepid gardeners have even made cones from windscreen cloths for their tomato plants. When the plants get too big for the cones, you can switch to more flexible netting.

Indeed, netting is an almost guaranteed way of deterring birds. To get around the problem of snagging on any twigs or thorny growths, some gardeners go to the length of constructing cheap frameworks to help protect their plants.

Bamboo poles, tall stakes or fence posts come in useful in this regard. The netting is draped over the framework, in such a way that it reaches the ground. It can then be anchored to the ground with some bent wire. This provides wind protection too.

You could consider putting up a V-shaped tent structure over your rows to protect your seedlings until they are established enough to resist any birds having a go at pulling them.

Birdbusters make sophisticated screeches that are capable of frightening even the bravest birds. The noise is made by a fake owl spinning in the wind with a microchip inserted to emit the sound of an aggressive hawk.

A popular old-fashioned cure involves soaking some dried corn in whiskey and scattering it over the fields to attract the crows, who go on to get truly corned!

Remember that though some birds are a nuisance, they can also turn out to be your hardworking allies in the garden. They munch away on some of the most annoying pests including snails and slugs, along with other harmful insects.

It’s worth keeping this in mind. And it may even give you a reason to feel more generous toward our sometimes irritating feathered friends.

After all, birds are not always considered parasites and there are cases when people positively welcome them. But if they are damaging your garden you need to find ways of scaring them away.


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