Haryana High Court Sets 3 Hour Window For Fire Crackers For Gurupurab

Haryana High Court has set out a window of three hours for bursting fire crackers during Gurupurab. Gurupurab is celebrated as the birth anniversary of the founder of Sikh religion, Guru Nanak. The Gurupurab falls on the 4th November this year and is the most significant day for the Sikh people in India. The people of Haryana and other major northern countries witness a lot of fire crackers on this day therefore the Haryana High Court has limited the timings of bursting fire crackers from 6:30 to 9:30 PM.

Punjab-Haryana Court also limited the timings for firecrackers on Diwali prior to Gurupurab:

Prior to Gurupurab, the Punjab and Haryana high court had also set out a three hour window for Diwali as well. The timings set out for Diwali in Haryana were the same as Gurupurab from 6:30-9:30 PM. Justice AK Mittal and Justice Amit Rawal of the Haryana High Court passed the orders in order to check pollution control. The bench also stated that since it was the time of Diwali season, it is the job of High Court to keep the pollution levels in check. There are a lot of people in Haryana that are suffering from illness and had respiratory problems.

Climate change is real and we support the decision of Haryana High Court:

We at Chandigarh Metro totally support the decision of the Haryana High Court that sets the limit of bursting fire crackers on Gurupurab to three hours. Climate change is real and definitely happening. The sooner we understand that, the sooner we can work towards a sustainable future. The pollution caused by crackers on Diwali and Gurupurab in Haryana and other parts of the country just adds to the problem and is something that we should all collectively work on. The Supreme Court of India has already prohibited the use of lead, lithium, mercury and arsenic for the manufacture of fireworks. The cracker manufacturers are told to use chemicals that are more permissible in nature. We urge the people to be responsible with this issue as it may end up haunting the future generations to come.

Source: Times of India


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