Firefox Quantum Browser Launched | Top 4 Reasons to Try Firefox Quantum Browser

Mozilla has launched the new version of Mozilla Firefox called Firefox Quantum. The new update of Firefox Browser will bring better Overall user Experience and faster browsing. This time in new Mozilla Firefox Quantum Browser, Mozilla has removed the Yahoo as its default search engine and replace it with Google. Firefox Quantum now comes with Google Search Built-in. So now the question arises that the Firefox Quantum will now compete with Google Chrome Browser which is the World’s Current Top Browser? Here are the Top Five Reasons Why you should Try the all-new Firefox Quantum Browser.

Speed Upgrade on Mozilla Firefox Quantum Browser

The main upgrade in the latest browser Mozilla Firefox Quantum is the upgrade in speed. The new browser Quantum is faster than all the previous versions. The new browser comes with turbocharged performance, new look and a better memory usage. Also, Read – Top 5 Smartphones With 5000mAh Battery

Low Memory Usage in Firefox Quantum Browser

The new version of Mozilla Firefox i.e Quantum will use less computer memory. It was built in such a way that will not use more memory for its operations. According to the test on Firefox Quantum by Mozilla researchers, it is found that the new browser Mozilla Quantum used 30% less memory than Chrome.

New User Interface in Firefox Quantum Browser

The new Mozilla Firefox Quantum Browser comes with a new and better user interface. The new Firefox Quantum Browser comes with a new design that features blocked tabs and with a big search box. There is a new tool added in the Firefox Quantum Browser with which it will become easy to take a screenshot of the browser screen.

Google Search Built-In in Firefox Quantum Browser

From the last three years, Firefox has been using Yahoo as its default search engine. This was a deal between Mozilla and Yahoo. The deal ended with the launch of Mozilla Firefox Quantum. Now Mozilla has decided that it will give default access to Google Search Engine for its users. This will make a clear difference and will help Mozilla Firefox Quantum to compete with¬† World’s Current Top Browser Google Chrome.


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Source – VOA News



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