Firefox Quantum Gives Faster Web Browsing | Here’re Full Details & How to Download

Firefox Quantum is Mozilla’s new browsers that are taking the entire world by storm with its high-speed internet browsing. Quantum is the Firefox 57 in the series that is released by the company Mozilla which is said to offer fastest browsing experience and leave behind Google’s internet browser, Chrome.

If the experts are to be believed, Mozilla’s Firefox Quantum is a successor of the Firefox 56 and creates the benchmark in being the world’s fastest browsing platform for the internet users and beat Google Chrome.

Firefox Quantum promises faster web browsing 

Mozilla took more than a year to come up with its new version of browser Firefox 57 Quantum as over 75% of the Firefox code got influence to come up with such an intuitive and two times faster browsing experience than to its rival browsers. The new Firefox Quantum by Mozilla has been introduced in a new avatar featuring a navigation icon, personal features including history, download, and screenshot on the left and the right side panels, respectively and a unified search bar on the top. Firefox Quantum is now available for the download and the users can easily download it on their personal computers and laptops, easily. Once their downloading is completed, the users can import history and bookmarks from other browsers, in case if they wish to continue with the Firefox Quantum as the default browser.

Features of newly launched Mozilla Firefox Quantum browser

Talking about the feature of the Firefox Quantum, the newly launched browser has seven new animations including pocket expansion, pocket library drop, stop- reload, bookmarking library drop, bookmarking burst, downloading, Pocket expansion and pin to overflow. Over 1,190 software bugs were fixed so that the company can come up with the new version of the more improved browser for their customers. Not only this, more than 700 authors contributed to the coding of Firefox since its launch.

Mozilla Firefox predominantly holds a great market share on mobile as compared to the Google Chrome that is very popular browser amongst the desktop users. With Firefox Quantum by Mozilla, the company has taken a leap ahead with its two times faster browsing solution to the users and beat its rivals within the industry.



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